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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lights! Action! Dance! Dances With Dancers Showcases Tacoma’s Finest

Be transformed by the magic of dance, art, and theatrics by the amazing students of Jo Emery Ballet School. “Dances With Dancers”—The Jo Emery Ballet School Student Performance. Staged at the beautiful and historic Pantages Theatre in downtown Tacoma on Saturday, June 7th at 7:30 P.M., the dancers in all their glory and finery will have their time to shine after months of hard work and preparation. Tickets are still available for purchase through the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts (click HERE for their website or call them at (253) 591-5894 for pricing and more information). The dancers are eager to wear their stunning costumes and take the stage to delight family, friends, and our South Sound community.

My daughter and her ballet group are dancing as little Tinkerbells in rainbow-sherbet colored costumes with embroidered roses (and to complete the effect they are going to have “magic” fairy dust). I have had the opportunity to see her class work on their routine and those kids are really amazing—there are many steps and cues to learn and practice. All of the dancers are confident, excited, and ready.

And that’s EXACTLY what Master Teacher, Jo Emery is after: confidence, excitement, and pride in dancing.

In further observations of Jo, her smile brightens the room and she is warm and kind. She is also is an expert educator, knowing how to work with young dancers to inspire, direct, and teach, while still encouraging fun and making the dancers feel good about themselves. The kids and parents adore her. In a recent chat with Jo, she remarked how excited she was for the performance. “This is a gift for my families,” explained Jo. “They can come and watch beautiful performances in a beautiful setting.” This is quite a gift indeed! With the school being around for many years, Jo’s gift is not only to her dancers and their families, but to our thriving arts community right here in Tacoma. Thanks, Jo!

Come and check it out, South Sounders. And while you can click on the links above to learn more about the school and what it has to offer, check out the Tacoma Performing Dance Company, (click HERE) too which is also affiliated with the school.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you for the posting, Kim. What a fun event. I will be taking my own ballerina to the beach that weekend. The Tacoma YMCA will also be having a recital at the Pantages soon so I can see her. Be sure to post us a review of your recital!

Kim Thompson said...

Oh, absolutely!

That's cool that your ballerina is going to the Pantages, too.

Lorraine Hart said... kids!

Kim Thompson said...


Dance, music, kids, TACOMA! It's a local wonder.