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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tacoma in Song (Again!)

Check this out Gritizens; I discovered this smoky little gem about Tacoma from You Tube earlier today. The music is sweet (even if the lyrics aren't the strongest) and footage of our Gritty City is cool and old school. A Gritty City Woman gift to all of you. Enjoy!


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you, Kim! The music is sweet and the whole obviously done with love. What a treat. :-)

M. Sugimura said...

Gritizens? Kim - you're getting more creative with every passing day! I can hear it now:

Lend me your ears.......

We'll have to work on some kind of equally flexible moniker to use here in your neighboring Federal Way.
Perhaps some kind of contest....

Lorraine Hart said...

Nice video and sweet melody!

Hey about Federalies?

Stephanie would be a Gigizen...ooh...and I'll be a Homeopath!

By the way, one and all, enjoy Kim's Gritty City Blog...did you know you could get to our other blogs by clicking on our names, right here in the comments?

Stephanie Frieze said...

Ah, Lorraine, you Homeopath! What a hoot. I like Federalies, too. Perfect.

Kim Thompson said...

You guys are AWESOME!

Stephanie: you are the sweetest of the sweethearts!

Mizu: A contest? Excellent. Federal Way has never had a moniker! I love Lorraine's suggestion--superb! Okay, my thoughts? Fed Ways, FW's, F.Ways. Ick. Lorraine's idea is better.

Gig Harbor? I love Giggles.

Oh, honey, Lorraine, I love Homeopaths. Cool. Or just Homeys. That's awesome, too!

You know, I am obsessed with You Tube right now. All I did was type in "Tacoma" in the search. Besides Gallopin' Gertie, there was this little nugget.