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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I had been watching a lot of television and dvd movies (woe is me bluray is on its way and the cost of this new technology will definitely not be covered by the money I will save on federal taxes being shaved off the cost of gasoline this summer--

But I am reading more is a picture of three books I just finished... two by Tim O'Brien, a writer whose focus on the lives of people who grew up during the time of the Viet Nam has got me spellbound; and one by Dr. Price Cobbs, an African American psychiatrist, who, helped me to get a better handle on myself back in the seventies. I just got a copy of the book that helped me then, Black Rage, which Dr. Cobbs teamed with another black psychiatrist, Dr. William Grier, back in those breath taking, heart breaking days. I know that I am ready to get even deeper into Black Rage now than I could then....

Here's a picture of O'Brien's and Cobb's books

What are the reasons I want to go deeper:
1. I am learning how to accept my own dying
2. I have become more aware of my need to love and be loved
3. I am convinced that, like everyone else, the more I know, understand, and accept myself, the more I shall be able to know, understand, and accept the ups and downs off all living creatures.

And the library I call home is the Martin Luther King Library, located on the coner of 19th and Cedar in Tacoma, Washington. A small space, a gigantic treasure house of books and music and films... I just picked up the first volume of the three volume dvd set, Heart of Darkness, The Vietnam War Chronicles, 1945-1975.

Here's a picture of the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King that is displayed in the MLK Library

Let me end this article with two requests:
I encourage you to support the various libraries and museums that focus on the beauty and possiblities of our red/brown/yellow/white/black country.
And I invite you to share your thinking about a book, piece of music, or work of art that you have found helped you to come to know, understand, accept yourself or someone else.

I hope you find the reflection I included on the video taken outside of the MLK Library today helpful...


EmeraldPrincessOnline said...

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Library video and audio you recorded is your best yet!

Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. We are blessed to know you and count you among our friends.

Kim Thompson said...

Since I have been rooted in this community for a long time, I relate to the big tall cedars around here. When I saw Canadian artist and writer Emily Carr's paintings for the first time, I instantly related and saw myself, particularly in her nature painting of the big cedars and alders of B.C. They are great, strong trees, that are flexible in the wind, stand up to storms, and weather the changes around them. Kind of sounds like my life, really.

Good question!

JosephMcG said...

When I look at VH1 Soul videos or any rap/hip hop videos, all of a sudden I find myself reflecting on the ancient dances in Africa and throughout the Mediterraean, the gatherings for prayer by African slaves in the first years of this country, the beauty and pain of the 1920s here... and the desire for so many people to speak words of protest/celebration/creativity and celebrate the joy of being oneself with others...
always we are seeking aren't we to be free, to be respected, and to be loved...
Lou Rawls, Billie Holliday, Bessie Smith, Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and let's not ever forget quick moving, high stepping Mohammed Ali...
so many wonderful people calling out to us to love and be loved

Patty Cake said...

I really admire how you always include video in your blogs, Joseph! Dr Martin Luther King was a wonderful man and speaker!