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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Opportunity for the Community to Participate in Senior Exhibition

Thursday marks the 2008 Senior Exhibition at Gig Harbor High School. The Senior Exhibition is the culminating project for seniors at Gig Harbor. They are required to complete community service, write a paper about their experience and then present their project to a panel of community members and school staff. Participation and passing this project is a requirement for graduation.
Community participation is crucial in the Senior Exhibition.

Community members serve as mentors to students during the project process and community members are invited to serve on the panels on exhibition day. There are still openings on the panels so if there are members of the community interested in spending a few hours listening to our young people exhibit and grading their performance. Lunch is included. If you have a few hours to give to our young people call Dave Whitesell at 530-1452 or email him at

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