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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Diary of the Missing

Where oh where did Lorraine go? Well, life often derails one's train of thought...and then there's those far they haven't seemed to notice I'm back!

It all began on Mother's Day. After an Oscar-worthy performance of "Life is Wonderful" with my mother on the phone, my husband and I took our daughter (who suffers from chronic Lyme disease) to the E.R. Here I would like to give a HUGE shout-out to the very wonderful, capable, respectful staff of Seattle's Virginia Mason Emergency Room. Over the next forty-eight hours they worked as an incredible team on behalf of my beloved daughter. They realize that chronically ill patients need a different E.R. experience than the norm found in most hospitals. They were not there to treat her Lyme disease, or to argue the medical politics of Lyme. They were not there to run unnecessary, painful, costly and time-consuming tests. There was a problem and they set about fixing it with true kindness and professionalism. These wonderful people gave me the only present a mother could want...the best for my daughter...a speed bump instead of a wall. Monday night we drove back over the Narrows Bridge, singing our over-tired, crazy heads off with Peggy Lee's, "It's A Good Day!"

Tuesday was a day of rest. I wrote a couple of emails but quickly decided both the computer and I could take a little cat-nap. Little did I know the trolls were waiting for their chance behind the cyber-bushes. I didn't hear their chuckles as my eyes closed in the recliner, or the screams of the villagers. I didn't smell the burning of the Shire, preshuss! All I know is, when I awoke, the pooter had (as John Cleese would say) shuffled off its mortal coil...with nary a Bronx Cheer of goodbye.

On Wednesday Stephanie called and came down for tea and a stroll through the garden. Not only did she give me the ear of a friend, she brought with her (unknowingly) my most favourite of Brit cookies and a lot of comfort in her company. The next day a note and a great book on writing exercises came in the mail from Kim. Withdrawals from my computer forgotten, I picked up my pen and began to work in every spare moment. Stephanie and Kim, thank you so much for being lifelines in the neighbourhood!

My dear friend and bandmate, Mark, heard I had been unplugged and offered me a computer that he couldn't use in his studio because of a noisy fan. It took a little while to get it all set but finally I was back online and scrabbling to catch up. Finally I was able to cruise into the Neighbourhood Blog, to find Jaynie had put up a "Missing" poster! Joseph and I exchanged emails again and today I will reply to Mizu's supportive note. I feel truly blessed to have the friends and community that rally lovingly, that don't let me slip away into a lonely funk. Thank you all so much for caring.


EmeraldPrincessOnline said...

Welcome home! It wasn't the same around here without you.

JosephMcG said...

Welcome home! I missed you...

Stephanie Frieze said...

Glad to have you connected again, Lorraine! Here's to keeping the trolls at bay.

Kim Thompson said...

Good to see you and read you, of course, my dear!