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Friday, May 23, 2008

Tacos Guaymas for me

Carne Asada Platillo from
Tacos Guaymas

Ever since it opened decades ago, Moctezuma's has been my favorite Mexican restaurant in Tacoma, hands down; however, along came Tacos Guaymas and it has taken the title away from Moctezuma's as my favorite.

The food at Moctezuma's is consistently excellent; service is always gracious. It is still tops for office parties, family reunions, and especially delightful around Christmastime with the strolling musician who plays his guitar and sings at tableside; he even performs special requests. It lends a romantic touch that makes for a memorable evening.

But even with all the praise that I could continue to lavish on Moctezuma's, it is trumped by a lowly, little competitor: Tacos Guaymas.

Tacos Guaymas, in the humble, rundown, dive of a location (with the worst paint job and poorest combining of colors ever, e.g. Pepto-Bismol pink and pumpkin orange) in what once was the old Taco Time at 38th & Pine, in Tacoma.

Tacos Guaymas is even superior to Moctezuma's. The food is scrumptious and plentiful, served on massive platters and the presentation is artistic and authentic. The prices for comparable menu items are several dollars less than at Moctezuma's. I snapped a picture recently of the Carne Asada Platillo at Tacos Guaymas. I think you can almost savor the flavors just looking at the picture and it is less than $10.

The limited seating, minimal service, and yucky restrooms are the primary drawbacks to hosting a get-together at Tacos Guaymas. But it is fun to go there and enjoy the Mexican music, Mexican television cable channel, watch the sun as it sets, and most of all to savor the succulent, beautifully prepared foods. Take-out is available, too. 253.471.2224

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JosephMcG said...

You have got my taste buds getting all expectant... slurp... thank you