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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Follow up on the Mother’s Day Breakfast

The Community Council extends our heart felt THANK YOU! to all who came for the breakfast! We had the honor of making breakfast for about 120 people and were delighted with the turnout. Probably 25% or more who attended were young children. There were children inside and also children playing in the back recreation area. I did not hear one child (or adult, for that matter) raise their voice the entire time. The event proceeded without a problem or even a dropped plate.

Thanks also to the council members and to many others who not only selflessly volunteered to help, but who worked hard the entire time. Thanks also to those who made generous contributions and to all who helped make this event a success.

From my perspective in the kitchen, it was the 2nd time I've worked in a production kitchen, and it pleasure to meet and talk with many of the neighbors. I never realized it before joining the Council, but volunteering for community activities is a very enjoyable way to spend part of a day.

Based on the success of this event, the Council will hold future food related events. Check back for information or see the Calendar and the Upcoming Events sections of the web site for information.

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