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Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy May 2

Happy May 2nd! Today is National Brothers and Sisters day. I have one brother and one sister who are both older than me. Actually they have a different father than I do. While my daughter was growing up she once said to me: “Mom, you have a half brother and sister”. I told her that was not true in my life. Are they half of a person? Not at all! They are my brother and sister. I do not think of them in any other way than my true brother and sister.

Who is your brother? Your sister? I encourage you to call them today and say “Happy Brothers and Sisters day, I love you”!


Lorraine Hart said...

Hi Patty...I have three sisters, two in Toronto, Canada (though one of them spends half her year in England) and one in the southwest of France. Then I have one brother in L.A. That's the biological siblings...but then there's my "logical" (as opposed to biological) family...and there it would take me some time to count and list! Suffice to say, the Blog Squad's on it...Happy Brothers and Sisters day to you!

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks for posting this Patty! Great reminder for me to call my little bro. And I also like Lorraine's sentiment of the extension of the family relationship. Cool.

Stephanie Frieze said...

I have probably told this story before, but it's a nice one. The Lakota have a story that sometimes twins will be seperated before conception and born into different families. Eventually they find each other and become best friends. I am a strong believer in this. I have no biological siblings, but in first grade I met a little girl and we have been best friends ever since. We were born within 24 hours of each other (I first, which I lorded over her when we were children, she over me now). We have given each other the same gifts more than once, can finish each other's sentences, and share enough history to be siblings. She has childhood pictures of my cousins in her own photo collection. That's family.

And speaking of cousins, only children frequently make siblings of their cousins and mine are as dear to me as siblings.