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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Golf And Shopping For Art Papers In The Rose City

Above: Last weekend's weather was perfect to take a stroll downtown Portland where this helpful directional sign offers mileage between the City of Roses and equally fabulous venues such as Timbuktu, Walden Pond, Independence, MO; Hermiston, OR and New York's Times Square. Photo by Mizu Sugimura copyright 2008.

It appears that more than one member of the TNT Blog Squad was in the State of Oregon over the past weekend. (Stephanie! If I'd have known ahead of time that you were Oregon bound, I might have inquired in advance if you might be interested in meeting me for tea! But darn, that's just what I get for being out-of-the-loop! - Mournfully Mizu.)

After cooler than normal temperatures in Washington last week, trying to adjust to the mid-nineties heat in Portland, OR last Friday and Saturday was a real challenge for my spouse and I who were in town so he could participate in a annual out-of-town golf tournament on Sunday, May 18, sponsored by the group of friends from the Seattle area whom he has played for what now has become a good number of years.

Several players including himself went out on Saturday for a practice run at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course in North Plains, OR a few miles outside Portland. By the end of day when he returned to our hotel, it was clear that the unexpected heat had a dampening effect - especially on account of the fact he had chosen not to take-on the added expense of renting a golf cart for both days.

Much to the relief of us both, Sunday's temperatures were several degrees cooler allowing him more comfortable weather during the competition and myself a less jarring respite in between entering and exiting some of Portland's more interesting retail stores.

My favorite downtown stop is Art Media at
902 SW Yamhill which I was fortunate to discover on a previous jaunt to Portland about two years ago. In addition to all the usual wonderful standard art supplies, Art Media has simply one of the most delectable selection of art papers I have had the pleasure to shop. Without fail, even the most brief stop at this wonderful store is a guaranteed to lighten my wallet, and this weekend's visit proved to be no different.

Above and below: As so many of my previous visits to Portland over the last decade have been cunningly and cleverly timed to coincide with longer periods of liquid sunshine - the clear blue skies and sun drenched skyscapes, parks and walkways we encountered on this trip added to the friendly spirit of welcome we always enjoy when visiting the Rose city. Photos by Mizu Sugimura copyright 2008.

Below: As far as my better half is concerned there's no greater satisfaction at the end of a perfect afternoon of golf than checking-out what colorful and tempting offerings the busy chefs have placed on the revolving plate line inside Sushi Land in the Pearl District. Photo by Mizu Sugimura copyright 2008.


JosephMcG said...

I'm glad you had a great time in Portland... not only surviving the weather, but spending quality time with your husband, and enjoying some good food...
Keep loving life

Stephanie Frieze said...

It was 100 in Mt. Angel when I arrived on Friday and we were very happy when the next day was a little cooler.

Portland is a wonderful city and as I wrote, Powells Books is my favorite stop. It is so large they hand out maps when you arrive. Before cell phones just finding the person you came in with was a challenge, but we usually set a time to meet at the coffee shop there to eat a cookie and look over our treasures.

Judith van Praag said...

Highlights visiting Portland
Hopping on Max (the free tram)
Marveling over The Green downtown; the city fathers clearly had a vision and listened to the Olson Brothers!
Powell's Books, yes! Not having to pay state tax makes a difference, worth having to haul your catch back home yourself.
Lunch in Chinatown, we opt for eateries without Roman script but with lots of happy munchers.
The Chinese Garden, the Rose Garden and the fabulous Japanese Garden, what a treat.
The Picttock mansion on top of the hill overlooking Willemette valley is a treat. I was especially impressed by the bathroom and the cold room near the kitchen.
Also a treat: the streets from corner to corner are shorter than those in Seattle. Making the city most walkable. Ha, ha.
We as well opted for Sushi on the last day, but was it Sushi Land?

Stephanie Frieze said...

Great tips for visiting Portland, Judith! I am angling to get to the Picttock mansion now.