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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Viafore's for the best Italian Meatball Sub

Today is a red letter day. After having lived in Fircrest for the past seven years, I have never -- until today -- had the pleasure of trying Viafore's Italian Delicatessen. We live across the street and down about a block from the deli. When we moved here, we had wanted to try it out. Twice we had gone and each time it was closed. We just never went back -- until today. Voila! It was open. What a treat!

Even just peering into the meat case and seeing rolls of specialty deli items that you'll never see at your neighborhood supermarket was quite intriguing...definitely an enticement to return again, and again. So many tantalizing selections: French Dip, Pastrami, Italian Meatball Sub...

Business was bustling even by 11:30. Good place to rub interesting people.

I ordered the Italian Meatball Sub. Sandwiches come with a choice of soup, salad or chips. On a whim, I decided on the Cheese Soup. It was scrumptious! Not the heavy, bright yellow cheese sauce/soup you find at other places. Oyster Crackers also accompanied the soup. The perfect pairing. Yummy!

The sub was delicious, too. It wasn't greasy or loaded with overpowering marinara sauce. It was just exactly right. Perfection!

Check out Viafore's sometime, if you haven't. They're open Tuesday through Saturday through the middle of the afternoon.

Note: Remember to bring cash. Viafore's does not accept credit or debit cards.

Smart business!

Excellent food.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you for the review, EP! It's nice to hear about interesting dining places

Dan Collins said...

Yes, but did you know ceremonial mayor Viafore kept the July 2007 E-Coli outbreak a secret for an entire week because he thought it would be bad for his deli-business.

Dan Collins - Fircrest