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Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing says summer quite like a poinsettia

For years while we were in the floral design business, we kept our shop open and offered delivery on holidays when most others were closed. We didn't decorate our own tree until after business hours had ended on Christmas Eve. Even in the years since then, we still don't decorate or put a tree up at home until Christmas Eve. That has become our tradition. Likewise, we don't take the decorations down when most other people do either. We like to enjoy them throughout the winter doldrums easily to the end of January and sometimes beyond.
Now with just a little over six months until Christmas and 2009, our beautiful, poinsettia is still flourishing (photo above was taken today); sometimes we have successfully kept them going and growing for years, while others toss them in the dumpster the day after Christmas.
Temperatures are forecast in the 80s and 90s in Western Washington over the next day or two. Here's hoping our gorgeous poinsettia can survive the heatwave.
Nothing says summer quite like a radiant poinsettia in full bloom...


JosephMcG said...

and the flower in your heart, jj, is burning brightly... thanks for taking such loving care of the life of which you are part

Kim Thompson said...

You know what is really cool? When I visit Hawaii (especially the Big Island), you see WILD bushes of poinsettias just growing on the side of the road. They are typically beautiful vibrant red, full and lush. And they grow like this year round in that climate.