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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walkin' The Dog: Part Two

Heading up 9th. St., we always stop and pay our respects to this beautiful Madrona tree. I love to touch the smooth trunk, where the bark has peeled away. My friend Mike Saunders told me the story of a young woman who was given in marriage to a cruel man. As he began to tear off her robes she cried, "You shall not have me!" and turned into the Madrona tree. This is why her bark is always in tatters. Rani could care less about the story...she's busy sniffing a dozen other stories at the base of the tree. She just sniffs, preferring to do her "business" at home...I always carry my plastic bag though, just in case.

One of our favourite neighbours, just as we get to the top of the ridge, we call Eeyore. I know that's not very original and, truthfully, this lovely donkey always looks perky when we come by. Bringing a couple of carrots every once in a while seems quite neighbourly. Rani's not quite sure what to make of this friend.

I just love this sweet little fountain and my neighbour didn't mind me leaning over her fence to get a shot. There's no cookie-cutter yard-styling in Home!

I have a "thing" for garden gates and plan on doing a series of them at some point. I loved the gate-beyond-the-gate of this angle. Rani used to be scared to pass this yard because of three very enthusiastic dogs, but has learned to hold her head high and trot by now.

Finally, back home again, Rani climbs in Anna's recliner next to my desk and has herself a wee nap until her mama gets up. Meanwhile, nan hooks the camera up to the computer (while sweating and de-layering!) and shares the morning in cyberspace.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Wonderful pictures and prose, Lorraine! Thanks for taking us for a walk with you again. I, too, love garden gates that the sweet one you snapped is lovely. That sweet poopy face makes me want to reach out and pat that snout!

M. Sugimura said...

I'd love to come over and take a few pictures of that tree too.

Lorraine Hart said...

Anytime Mizu!

Kim Thompson said...

I love that garden gate! Where is that? We need to get out there. My folks have been slowly going out to Longbranch here and there (my dad's health has improved).

I think I need some Joemma beach time! Makes me feel like spring!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Better go quick, Kim. Joemma and Kopachuck Parks are slated to close due to the economy.

Kim Thompson said...

It's gonna be that quick? I have read about the closures, but thought we had some time. That stinks. Both our outstanding. I am sad.

M. Sugimura said...

Rani has such a loveable face. She's lucky to have such a willing companion!