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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finding My Way Home

There is only one way I can start this reflection off--- THANK YOU MARY LOU for going out of your way as you headed for work at St. Therese Catholic Church in Seattle to stop by and pick me up.

I have this ongoing fear of driving on the freeway and I really, really needed to find my spiritual home. That would be the place where the word was being preached in a way that touched my heart, the music moved me to my very toes, and the community was warm and welcoming.

That church, for me, is St. Therese.

There, over the years I had had a chance to speak with a few sweet times acquaintance County Councilman Larry Gossett.

But I never expected last Sunday when I saw Councilman Gossett to be invited to his birthday reception/dinner/fundraise at the Weston Hotel in Seattle. Nor did I have expect that my new brother, Tom, would invite me to sit at his table and drive me home after the birthday dinner. Mary Lou drove me to the church Saturday morning. I attended the funeral of a long time friend there. Settled in following the funeral for some quiet reading and praying in the parish center. Tom picked me up at six fifteen. We were meeting and greeting folks at the Weston by six thirty.

I really had a wonderful time. Thanks Brother Tom!!

Why do I call Tom a brother? He listens to me, understands me, supports me, and challenges the you know what out of me. THANK YOU, TOM, for helping me to think clearly... and I am so deeply touched by the way you gently move me beyond the immediate to speak truthfully and succinctly!

Tom is to my right, clockwise, in this picture, Councilman Gossett is in the center, and all I can say about the other gentleman, in the picture, whose name I do not know, is to thank him for adding his positive energy to our picture!

There were many high moments at that reception for me... one person I had been a guide to may years ago when she was a student at Seattle University in. Now she is a great speaker and teacher. Another had been on staff with me at Seattle University and I had cried many, many nights when she left the school.

And Larry Gossett--- he is one of those folks that lead me to get on my knees and thank God every night that I am living now. His commitment to serving the poor, advocating for quality education for children in our public schools, and providing support for the homeless has moved me for years. The councilman's birthday pary at the Weston was a plus 12 out of ten points for me!

Reverend Pat Wright sang twice that night at the councilman's birthday party. I consider her a dear, dear friend, and I keep her, her dreams, and the people she serves very close to me in my heart and in my prayers. Thanks, Reverend Wright, for being the occasion for me to weep joyfully and stirred emotionally to the very tips of my toes!

Let's put our hands together and give Reverend Pat Wright the love she deserves for singing so wonderfully at the Councilman's birthday party Saturday evening.


Lorraine Hart said...

Good to hear you're out there rockin' Joseph...Happy Birthday to Larry Gossett! Hope you're feeling well.

JosephMcG said...

Smiling way down deep inside... getting lots of sleep, letting sick people teach me how to let go and let God, and finding a lot of light in all my darkness...