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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Be The Change!

Americans heard a lot about change during the months leading up to the November election. And since even before President Obama was sworn in, we've watched with curiosity, hope, and sometimes even anxiety as we searched for clues as to exactly what form his promised changes would take. Already in just over six weeks, we've seen sweeping changes in the way the White House interacts with the populace; the role of science in this new administration; in children's health insurance; and of course, government's role in stabilizing our economy.

The enormity of the task is staggering. Our new president faces unprecedented challenges as he and his team roll up their sleeves and get to work dealing with our economic crisis, two wars in the Middle East along with other potential and emerging threats worldwide, and other serious problems too familiar and numerous to bear repeating. That's why, from the beginning, he has called for "volunteers, grassroots leaders, and ordinary citizens" to continue to work to bring about the change we need in our own communities.

Thus, Organizing for America was born out of the same massive grassroots network that blossomed during the campaign. If we thought our jobs were done on November 5th, we stand corrected -- in some ways, we were just getting started!

On March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, we will be gathering not only to relax, celebrate the occasion, and perhaps meet a few new faces, but also to explore how we might each become agents of change in our own communities. Jeremy Walker, a field organizer during the campaign in Washington, will be attending our "O'Bama-RAMA" to talk with supporters about what's going on with Organizing for America in Washington State and how people can get involved to bring change to our communities and to the country! If you haven't been connected yet with the movement that brought Obama to the White House, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how you can play a part.

Please RSVP and make plans to attend. We're aiming for a fun, informal, and instructive evening, so bring a friend if you can, and let's Be The Change!


VW said...

Yeah, I'm gonna start holding weekly cocktail parties and serve 75-100 dollar a pound Wagyu Beef. I'll see if I can either get lobbyists or taxpayers to foot the bill, but either way, while the masses suffer, the party goes on.


LuckyCharm said...

I have no idea what your comment refers to. I don't even know what Wagyu beef is. Please explain.

VW said...

The president is hosting weekly (every Wednesday) cocktail parties and twice has served Wagyu beef. Once to some congressional leadership and again to som visiting governors

Wagyu is the breed of cattle from which the legendary Kobe Beef comes from. The meat is sold here between 75 and 100 dollars a pound.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are eating hamburger.

Let them eat steak!


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you for your post, Cheryl. Attempting to make change for the better is more likely to be helpful than is sitting back and debasing those who are, all the while having nothing constructive to add to the conversation.

VW said...

So, if I think The President is being somewhat extravagant, I'm not being helpful. You want helpful, how about people start taking responsibility for their lives and stop expecting a hand out from the government. Free this and free that. There isn't a free anything. Someone has to pay for it and the trillions the Democrats are borrowing from China will have to be paid by our grandchildren.

Not to mention the fact that iit is becoming more apparent day by day that we have amateurs in the White house. RANK Amateurs.


Lorraine Hart said...

So you've nauseum your own posts. THIS post was about people in the community coming together to see what responsible part they can play in these difficult times. How the invitation translated as wanting free this and that, I don't know. Jumping all over a grassroots organiser, trying to be helpful in her community and country with an open invitation to her neighbours, seems more like "flaming" than rational discussion.

M. Sugimura said...

The positive community energy contained in this posting is an inspiration to neighborhoods all over the South Sound.