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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making Sense of Darfur

In times like these it is easy to get focused in our own day-to-day difficulties and forget that there are those whose struggle is much greater than ours. The situation in Darfur goes largely ignored by the American public amidst the economy, the environment, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is confusing as to who is being targeted for extermination and why. On Wednesday, March 25th, Gig Harbor High School will be hosting a lecture about Darfur with a special presentation by Lola Toloba and her adopted Sudanese children in the school library at 7 PM. Admission is free so come and learn. Gig Harbor High School is located at 5101 Rosedale St. NW in Gig Harbor.


Lorraine Hart said...

My father worked in the Sudan (and was nearly killed) as a helicopter pilot...this is quite a few years ago now...and he wrote about the hoarding of famine-relief supplies by the government...wrote about the starving and terrified people.

Yes, while we bitch about our investments or making ends looks like Heaven to a lot of the rest of the world. We need to hold this bigger measuring stick and give thanks for what we have...extending whatever reach of human-decency we can, especially in a hell-hole like Darfur.


Jaynie Jones said...

It is not possible to 'make sense' of the senseless...