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Monday, March 9, 2009

March Madness in Home!

I saw no dawn this morning, just a lifting of night's curtain...and this drama behind it!! Oh's snoooooow in Joe's Bay...what kind of madness is this?

Oh...but not to worry, the sun has melted the clouds' dandruff into the sweet moisture that slakes the thirst of the stirring plants. There's not even patches in the shade under the trees anymore.

I'm sure it caused a few pickles in this morning's commute...but time marches ever onward to Spring. I can handle the Lion when I know the Lamb is on its way...and I don't have to drive anywhere! I do, however, have to go for a walk. See you later neighbours.


Stephanie Frieze said...

I thought the snow last night and this morning was beautiful! Unfortunately, we did not get the two hour late start I would have appreciated since I'm dragging from the Daylight Savings Time thing. The latest we've had snow is April 18th.

Jaynie Jones said...

Lorraine, you are without a doubt, the most eloquent writer whose prose and posts I've ever read. What a wordsmith you are!

Lorraine Hart said...

I hear you tushy is still dragging a bit...but oh, how I love the light in the evening...and Rani is very pleased about the second walk.

Well...Hello Jaynie! Hope you've settled well in your new place and job. LOL...some would just call me a blitherer!

M. Sugimura said...

Love the phrasing - the clouds dandruff! So what do clouds require if Head & Shoulders shampoo in brilliant blue isn't what the doctor ordered?