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Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Gig Harbor Fire and Safety Expo

Today was the 2009 Gig Harbor Fire and Safety Expo at their training headquarters. Hats and helmets off to Fire Chief Paul Berlin and his staff including Kathleen Fogle who hosted the event showcasing an array of health care providers and screenings, which were all free of charge to the visitors.

Screening tests included blood sugar, cholesterol and other lipids, breast exams, vision and hearing tests, chiropractic, massage, and more.

The organizational precision of the entire event and the hospitality shown to all of the vendors and exhibitors (myself included as Community Relations Director representing Merrill Gardens, Gig Harbor) was top-notch. Lunch was even catered for exhibitors and volunteers by Panda Express.

From move-in and setup early this morning throughout the hours of the expo's pack up and move-out was as smooth as could be. It was a pleasure to have a part in this community-wide annual event that draws an enthusiastic turnout from residents rain and shine; despite today's relentless downpour, attendance was excellent.

The camaraderie and cooperation among exhibitors was noteworthy. At the end of the day, Kathy Fogle was already taking registrations for the 2010 Gig Harbor Fire & Safety Expo.


JosephMcG said...

I would imagine you are pleased, proud, and tired... congratulations on the great turn out and thank you for the focus you take in supporting others...


Jaynie Jones said...

Thanks for the kudos, Joseph. It was an outstanding event. Not only the organization of it, but the fabulous building that the fire department has. I don't think Seattle or Tacoma have anything comparable to it. I told Chief Berlin that I would imagine he is the envy of fire chiefs everywhere. It is awesome -- spacious, tremendous capacity, versatility -- a fabulous training center and the perfect location for the expo. Gig Harbor's residents have clearly caught the vision for the future and funded it handsomely.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Great post! Congratulations on an important event. These services are so important for a community.

Lorraine Hart said...

Alright! Sounds like a wonderful yearly event.

Kim Thompson said...