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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walkin' The Dog: Part One

The March winds do blow alright, but the morning was bright and beautiful for a walk. Wearing a good hoody to keep my ears from aching, I headed out the door with Rani. Today we braved walking through the parking lot of the Country Store, with the busy Key Pen Highway beside us. A few moments of angst for our pup, until we were safely on A Street and heading away from the traffic noise. Now we could enjoy the sun and Joe's Bay, the wind at our backs.

Now, this is one of those things that make you say, "Hmmmm," as you're passing by. Okay, I promise not to trespass on this dock! I wonder how many seasons it's seen, with boats and laughing children. Do their ghosts play here?

Some seagulls played up in the wind currents, but this little group was hunkering-down on a sandbar to catch some rays and the bay-day's gossip. Stopping to take pictures is also a good exercise for Rani's training. She's learning to sit patiently at my side until I give the signal that we're going to move again.

In the middle of the bay sat this little sailboat. The empty rope clapped against the mast in the wind as if calling a sailor's attention to the day's possibilities. All around, the sun shattered upon the choppy waves.

Next, my faithful companion and I would tackle the %#!*@ hill (wearing my knee-braces) and weave our way through the neighbourhood up on the ridge....

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M. Sugimura said...

The photo of the seagulls on that triangularly shaped spit of sand especially caught my eye.