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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tyler Perry's "the family that preys" gave me one big hug and just kept squeezing me until the credits were finished. Talk about an outstanding cast: can you imagine for even a few moments before your mind would just come to one like a deer caught in the headlights screeching (tear making, loud guffaw occasioning)stop when you even begin talking about the possibility that Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodward and Robin Givens would be in the same film

Bates plays the fast stepping, take no prisoners, country dancing head of a corporation. Bates and Woodward are traveling buddies... One possible title for this film... Country Western Meets Urban Gospel... Alfre Woodward plays her very close friend and the mother of two daughters who just cannot stand one another.

Robin Givens is the corporate administrator who smiles coldly as she tells it like it was, is, and will be!

It moves towards its inevitable conclusion at just the right pace...As it ended I could not decide whether I wanted to stand up and applaud or just sit in my overstuffed chair and cry.

Here's a tantalizing take on the story..."Working class Alice (Academy Award nominee Alfre Woodward) and wealthy Charlotte (Academy Award winner Kathy Bates) are friends and mothers who have supported each other through all that their families have gone through over the years.But now their families are embroiled in new turmoil-with each other. Can the two women save their children from the dark secrets and dirty deeds that threaten to destroy them all?"



Lorraine Hart said...

We ADORE Tyler Perry at our house!! He's a talented man who walks the razor's edge between laughter and tears in all his movies and plays. I concur...with two thumbs up!

JosephMcG said...

He's got a new fan in me, that is for sure... Joseph

Jaynie Jones said...

That was a powerful film. Charles and I enjoyed it immensely, too...all the way to the sad ending.

Stephanie Frieze said...

I was all set to watch it Joseph because I love Cathy Bates, but I hate sad endings. Thanks for the heads up, Jaynie. said...

Sad and so well put together that the ending had to be hard... the lesson I took from this film is when we put money and profits ahead of caring for people, we finally end up alone and lost.