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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They Can't Handle The Truth!

Apparently, Washington state Democrats do not want to be told that the effects of their tax and regulate ideology is not good for business. Not only do they dislike it, they intend to make it illegal for a lobbyist to tell them if they pass a stupid bill that the company may move.

From House Bill 2316:

A person required to register as a lobbyist under this chapter
shall also have the following obligations, the violation of which shall
constitute cause for revocation of his registration, and may subject
such person, and such person's employer, if such employer aids, abets,
ratifies, or confirms any such act, to other civil liabilities, as
provided by this chapter:

(g) Threaten any legislator, or any government official, with the relocation of manufacturing jobs including, but not limited to, jobs involving commercial airplane manufacturing, based upon the outcome of any pending or proposed legislation.

I've seen the result of hostile laws to manufacturers. Pontiac, MI all but ran GM out of town. Every Pontiac car on the road came out of that old factory between Baldwin and Joslyn Avenues. It's been years since even one car has rolled out of there. I think the last one was the Fiero. Pontiac told the city to lay off or they would shut it down - they warned them and the city persisted. They closed it down and moved out of town.

It's common knowledge that the Big B (the only airplane manufacturer around hereabouts) has threatened to move out of the state. They moved their headquarters to Chicago a few years back. I suspect it's only a matter of time until they do if WA keeps beating on them.


Hat Tip: Sound Politics

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