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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring-Flinging With Two Waters Arts Alliance

Ooh-la, it was chilly last night...but, inside the Key Civic Centre, it was warm and wonderful with something for all the senses. As usual, we all come out of our winter dens and happily greet one another for a new, creative year. In my first picture, you can see the physical set-up for the night with lovely tables, flower-arrangements, the bar in the back and artwork all around. The room soon filled with friends. Of course, by that time, I was working and could no longer man the camera!
After setting-up my musical equipment, I took a quick tour to share some of the night's talent with you. This mask caught my eye...and fingers! How I love to touch carved wood. I also ran my hands over Tommy Morgan's beautiful rhythm-staffs...walking sticks with percussive bits attached. I have my very own, that I treasure, from Mr. Morgan. What a delight when he joined us onstage with one of these staffs during the song, "Sitting In Limbo" by Jimmy Cliff!
Reni Moriarity always pulls me right into her beautiful paintings. "Moonsnails" filled my heart with light and peace. I love the colours, the gentle curves of the shells and the suggestion of moonlight on both beach and water. For those with a budget like mine, reproductions of some of the artwork are also available as cards. One doesn't have to have art-dealer-type finances to help support your local Arts. Oh, if I did though...this painting would be hanging in my bedroom now!

Last year I featured a portrait by Chris Bronstad and, this year, he amazes me again with the subtlety of black, white and grey to bring personalities to life. Oh, the stories held in this Elder's eyes! The headdress and beadwork are incredibly detailed; the sacred pipe given a simple glow of reverence. How I would love this on the wall of my office. If you were looking for a meaningful investment for your family, a portrait by Chris would be my suggestion.

Bev Pederson always greets me with one of the brightest smiles this side of the sun and laughter that's medicine. Honestly, if you'd seen her bring the "groupie pack" up to the edge of the stage...gazing adoringly (leaning on their hands, no less!) at my bass-player...ooh-la! In this beautiful silk scarf, Bev's personality flutters out in colour and movement. Kim, I definitely see you in one of these! She also has your favourite colour of red. I'll let you know when the Art Barn Sale is coming, during the Summer.

With 2009 sort of becoming the year of diggin' the dogs, I couldn't resist sharing this painting and its sheer exuberance. Look at this joyful pup who dares us to jump in the water. Ah, to fly for a moment with the trust and unconditional love of our faithful four-legged companions. This one brought my heart right up to my smile. The artist is Robin Peterson, who designed this year's poster.

By the end of the evening (and our first gig of this year) I was exhausted. Anna was past exhausted, so we had to get straight home after finishing our program. We did get a chance to visit with folks in-between sets and we were so heartened to have lots of people talk to us about the interview we did with Colleen Slater, for the Key Pen News. Our community is now talking about Lyme disease! We cannot thank all of them enough for their support of our family and the message we bring. We love our community and we love the Arts. When the two are combined for an early Spring Fling (I've pulled the blinds, studiously ignoring that silly stuff that's falling from the sky right now) there's a stirring of life anew.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thanks for taking me to the Spring Fling, Lorraine. If obligations hadn't called me down my rutted (and this weekend, snowy) path to and from the coast I would have liked to have been with you in person!

Kim Thompson said...

Oh Lorraine! I need to meet Bev! I LOVE that scarf! Did you say "sale?" OMG, I am ALL over that!

I was in love with "Moonsnails." It's superb and drew me immediately.

What a great celebration! I feel like I missed out big time!

But, I will hit the Key Pen in spring and summer and live it up then!

Great report!

P.S. I'll bet the Jimmy Cliff song was awesome!

Lorraine Hart said...

Well, you're always carried in my heart Stephanie. I do believe we're supposed to play Skansie Park again this Summer...will let you know the date when I have it.

Congrats on your post making the Tribune today!

Lorraine Hart said...

Hey Kim...seems we were commenting at the same time! LOL be sure I will inform you of the Art Barn Sale...should take you to meet Bev sometime. She was wearing an outrageous chartreuse and blue scarf creation.

You would have been on the dance floor for that Jimmy Cliff song...oh yeah. I'll have to show Justin my "rhythm stick" he would love it for his warrior dance!

JosephMcG said...

Wonderful... wonderful... wonderful... thank you... Joseph McG

M. Sugimura said...

This event is clearly a showcase for the richness of life in your area of Washington. What a delightful feast for the eyes and inspiration for the soul!