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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Point Ruston: vision and transformation

In 1976, I moved to Tacoma. It felt like home to me then, as if it reached out to me and took me in. I've never regretted the decision and have always been fascinated by seeing the grand, older homes from a bygone era. There were some real visionaries who settled here more than a hundred years ago.

Reflect for a moment on the blight of the landscape along premium waterfront land in Ruston and Tacoma where the old Asarco copper smelter had operated for so many years and resulted in the dubious designation of being on the list of EPA Super-Fund Clean-Up Sites... Asarco spent $100-Million Dollars on the clean-up including the dramatic demolition of the old smokestack years ago.

Most people would look at that site as it has been for so many years and say, "Why doesn't somebody do something?" At long last, somebody has stepped up with a determination that nothing is impossible, and has moved us all forward into the future of what can be...a grand era of renewal for Tacoma and Ruston.

Enter MC Construction Consultants... the modern day visionaries who have developed a comprehensive master plan that is transforming the blight, the eyesore along Ruston Way into a breathtaking destination location known as Point Ruston.

Today there is a project underway to reclaim and revitalize that entire piece of property into a planned community featuring 1,000 new condos and apartments including retirement and assisted living units plus select, sustainable retail stores, e.g. an organic foods market, entertainment and recreation facilities, professional offices, and more. For example, art installations, a 'waterwalk', bike paths... Even better? All of the Point Ruston development is being constructed implementing 'Built Green' to the highest energy efficiency and ecological/environmental standards.

A scale model of Point Ruston is on display in the floating sales center which, in an of itself, is a perfect example of the vision for the future that MC Construction. An old-time ferryboat that had served the Steilacoom/Anderson Island run was purchased, refurbished/remodeled into its newest incarnation as the floating sales center for Point Ruston complete with marble countertops, elegant woodwork, and multimedia presentations that explain in detail how the project is being implemented.

Applaud the Mike Cohen family and their team who comprise MC Construction Consultants on not only their vision, but their willingness to take on the arduous task of developing Point Ruston despite its seemingly insurmountable obstacles to transform the Tacoma and Ruston waterfront into a superb destination location that we can all be so proud of when showing off our community.

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JosephMcG said...

I do applaud the Cohens and I thank you for offering this wonderful story that points out how we can help each other to take better care of our earth...