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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Mama's Calendar

The sky is misty and pale on this first morning of Spring, ornamented by a pretty crescent moon hanging over the silhouetted tree-line. Mother Nature, laughing, has sprinkled everything with sparkly frost to celebrate. She pays attention to a deeper rhythm than our blocked-out calendars and usually knows just what she's doing, even if we don't.

Thin streaks of clouds begin to colour with the rising sun and the sky turns baby-blue between them. Sweet little flying jewels, the hummingbirds, are orbiting and doing their fandango face-offs around the feeder. Everywhere, the chorus of birds sing a new day into our being. Perhaps they would sing to us of patience, if we'd get still enough to listen.

Yes, we're Winter-weary and we'd like to nudge the warmth and sprouting colours. We hurry along our lives this way...and then wonder where it all went to. We humans are often so busy regretting the past, or wishing and worrying for the future, that we forget to enjoy and be grateful for the chance to be here, now. We forget our own ceremony and sacrament, putting all that in specific, blocked-out calendar pages, filed away from our daily lives.

The rime begins to steam off the house as the sun's rays flame-on, and turns to diamond-dewdrops on the blades of grass, the scotch broom, tree branches and blackberry bushes. Cars speed up the highway towards the busy human world, sounding like the rhythmic rush of waves towards the least in my imagination. Later, I'll join that flow and head into Tacoma for our Waldorf School Benefit at the Temple Theatre. For now, I joyfully succumb to Spring Fever and give thanks for the stirring that's been going on for weeks in The Mama's Calendar.


JosephMcG said...

Thank you for guiding me to a deeper appreciation of Spring... Mother Nature is blessing me in a more intimate fashion because of your wonderful words and pictures


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics and prose precious!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Happy Equinox, Lady Lorraine! We were very frosty at the coast this morning, but so beautiful once the sun found us. Beautiful pictures and prose! Thank you so much for sharing and letting us see through your magical eyes.

Kim Thompson said...

Cool stuff, hot stuff!

Lorraine Hart said...

Ahhh...right in THIS moment, my friends give me such a smile! Thank you for feelin' the groove.*

Trees are dancing in the wind...underneath them, some of the first periwinkle flowers of the year.

*Thanks for popping-in precious!

Jaynie Jones said...

Even with the small picture size, the photographs are breathtaking, Lorraine. My heart swells seeing the precious little hummingbird, the periwinkle flowers, and scenic highlights.