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Thursday, March 12, 2009

To The Boat Ramp At Dawn

Yes, this morning I was determined to get some dawn shots from the boat ramp near the mouth of Joe's Bay. Seeing the sky was so beautifully clear, I came down to the water via 10th. St. and caught the silhouette of Tahoma and the Cascades. This summer will mark our 13th. year of being transplanted mossbacks...and still I'm thrilled for the privilege of filling my eyes with views so wild and wonderful.

The public boat ramp on A St. had no early morning launches. Only waves and wind welcomed my ears at first, but soon I heard the eagle's call. Three were playing in the currents above the bay's opposite point and one was having breakfast on a floating platform, just a bit too far to be anything other than a fuzzy outline with my camera. What company to greet the day!

Can there be a bad sunrise shot? I don't think so! I let out a little "whoop!" of glee, really thankful that my work allows me to take this time of the day, just for me. Sometimes it means very short nights, but that's a price I'll gladly pay to carve the refilling times of a little one-on-one with the universe.

The earth turns,
the day begins,
sun rises and
the light comes in.

It's a new day!
Let me start it
in the right way,
face the sun,
face myself and
start again.

Couldn't resist a last look back, going up 7th., the sun a molten trail across the Sound. I may not be done with the road yet, but I'm so glad to have found Home.


JosephMcG said...

which held me more: your pictures (breath taking) or your reflection (profound)... for both, I thank you, Joseph

Kim Thompson said...

Pretty is, all around!

M. Sugimura said...


Stephanie Frieze said...

Lorraine, you are amazing with your camera and pen (computer)!

Jaynie Jones said...

I remember not so long ago when you felt that you were not good with your camera, but wow! you have been getting some fabulous shots recently. There is beauty all around. You've become a master now with your camera and with wordsmithing.