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Saturday, April 26, 2008


When I was young, and like so many, many other children, needing to love and be loved, I spent many happy hours on the front porch of my family's home, holding my dog, feeling safe and warm.

Here's a picture of a little brother joined soul to soul with his dog--- feeling safe and warm.

Today, Saturday, in Portland, Oregon, I, needing to love and be loved, two wonderful little dogs snuggled right up next to me and I felt so safe and warm.

Thanks, little ones, for the comfort you brought me today.



VW said...

We have a big old dog who thinks at 100 lbs, he a still a lap dog. Of course we really haven't done a lot to try and change his mind on that.

Despite his size, all the neighborhood kids just love him and he loves them. He even gets Christmas cards.

There's nothing like the love of a dog. It's as unconditional as it gets.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Joseph, you and VW have touched on the core of what it is to have animals in your life, especially dogs. A dog doesn't care if you've had a shower, put on make-up or combed your hair. A dog doesn't care what your job is as long as you come home to them. A dog doesn't care what sort of car you drive as long as you take them with you. A dog doesn't care what sort of house you live in or even if you live in one. Their unconditional love is a manifestation of the love of our individual Higher Power.

Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your quiet moments with the Neighborhood. You remind us to be present and that the little things in life create the fabric of who we are.

Kim Thompson said...

I loved this post, Joseph. Due to allergies, I can't be around any animals, so I always delight and admire from afar--this post took me there. Thanks!

Lorraine Hart said...

When I got upset, my 135lb. German Sheperd would plonk himself down beside me and lay his big, heavy head right on my heart. He'd stare with so much love...and sigh for me...yes, unconditional love and loyalty, that's a dog. I have to go and look at old pics of some of my four-legged pals!