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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tacoma: Got Girl Trouble?

Tacoma's own quintessential, nitty, gritty rock icon band, Girl Trouble are still rocking the house with their kitschy, punky, and rockabilly style. Established in 1984 and still goin' strong, the band is well known for giving out awesome trinkets at concerts and for the fab fanzine, "Wig Out" with their famous "surprise" inside the 'zine (like a Cracker Jacks box). Read a current interview with the TNT's Ernest Jasmin here.

Ironically, I saw GT only in Seattle in the early nineties. Their shows were always a kick and I loved 'em, 'cause, they really were from my hometown. And speaking of which, see a classic Girl Trouble video right here, with an old homage to Tacoma with a song, well, about Tacoma. Stand up, Gritizens, and dance it out with Girl Trouble and "My Hometown."


Stephanie Frieze said...

Kim, what a fun video straight from the 'hood! This band never got my attention I think because I was out of the state when they got going and out of the club scene by the time I came back, but thank you for sharing this. My husband is more of a musicphile than I and I will pass this on to him.

VW said...

As homesick as I am at the moment and as much as I love Tacoma, that just wouldn't be my choice of music.

Now, if that was Maestro Felder and his Orchestra - now THAT's music. :)


Kim Thompson said...

Hi Stephanie:

Yeah, this video is old, but cool. Look how far Grit City has come since then!

Hey, VW:

I'll have to check out your musical pick! I'm pretty impressed you actually watched this!


VW said...


I gave it a fair listen. I'm always open to good music. It's not my cup of tea.

Maestro Harvey Felder is the Music Director and Conductor of the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Felder has done a lot to upgrade the TSO to a first-class regional orchestra. If you ever attend a TSO concert, you'll find that Maestro Felder is a talented, yet down to earth kind of guy who takes pride in his musicians and music. He takes a few minutes to try and explain the music to the audience

I've never met the man, but I've enjoyed more than a few of the TSO's concerts.


Kim Thompson said...

Oh, I've been wanting to get to a TSO concert since, I don't know, like FOREVER. I need to prioritize this. Thanks for the glowing recommendation and background.

Stephanie Frieze said...

I believe that there are many sorts of music to suit the many sorts of people there are in the world and even for every sort of mood one has. I do not like any one genre for all occasions. Variety is truly the spice of life.

Lorraine Hart said...

OOH-LA....I WAS ROCKIN' BKB!!! Got myself a good cardio workout.

I'm going to have a riot sending this to some of my ol' pals in NY...I do believe there was a very quick shot of Uptone Studios early in the video...yay Wes!

Yes, my 312 personalities require a large assortment in the chocolate box of music too. That's the absolutely brilliant thing about my most happy addiction...just twelve notes...and look at the infinite ways they can be presented...the infinite journeys we can be taken on. you've got me thinking of a "Home" anthem....