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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Simple Spring Fare: The Smoked Salmon Sarnie

I love really simple, fresh food in the spring and summer—my favorite way to kick off this culinary season is the smoked salmon sarnie (or as we say here in America, a sandwich). This recipe comes from super delicious and darling Brit chef Jamie Oliver’s Family Dinners cookbook. Jamie is loose and free with his recipes, meaning that you don’t get a lot of precise directions. However, because he writes so honestly and in such a fun way, he gives the novice confidence anyway. Here’s the shorthand of his recipe from Family Dinners I found on the web:

All you need is thinly sliced whole wheat or rye bread and smoked salmon. To make this perfect sarnie, butter the bread, then squeeze lemon juice into crème fraîche and add salt and freshly ground black pepper. Place a layer of smoked salmon on the bread, smear it with the lemony crème fraîche, then place another layer of sliced smoked salmon over top and cap with another piece of bread. For an extra twang, you can sprinkle the smoked salmon with very finely grated lemon zest. The crème fraîche really finishes it off and it explodes in your mouth. Lovely.

Crème fraiche is French cultured cream that is smooth and delicious. I get mine at Trader’s Joes. I also prefer to use a yummy, squishy baguette. This recipe is FAST and easy. I like to pair it with a crisp tossed green salad (and a cold beer or slightly chilled glass of Pinot Gris.) Oh, delish (or as the delightful and super cute Jamie says, lovely).

Readers, bloggers: I am hungry for more spring meal ideas. Do share!


Lorraine Hart said...

Okay, first I have to say...I love Jamie Oliver more than I could love food! I mean that in the purest sense...he's just adorable. I love Anthony Bourdain for totally different reasons...more for his gonzo-gourmet journalism.

As for spring meals...I like the little mouth amusements...a plate of nice crackers and small squares of good wheat bread, with various cheeses and fruits. To cleanse the palate between bites...a mixture of one-third fruit juice to two-thirds seltzer. Aaahhh...bon appetit, ma petite chou-chou!

Will have to pass this recipe of yours to friends who catch and smoke their own salmon. I swear, salmon alone would be a good enough reason to move to the Pacific Northwest! It costs an arm and a leg in NY...and here, friends give it to you! Ooh-la!

Kim Thompson said...

I love little bits, too. I love cheese, fruit, and breads, with dips and figs and nuts, and.... Okay I need to stop myself. As I am about ready to eat my own foot, I am so hungry for lunch!

We smoked much of the salmon we caught last year. That was a real treat!

JosephMcG said...

Watch out for your foot! Could lead to some inconvenience if you start knawing away at a few toes.

Spring, winter, fall, summer... number one... cornbread, red beans, rice, and a nice piece of baked chicken...

Kim Thompson said...

OOOO cornbread. Fresh, hot buttery cornbread. Okay, I need to add that to our weekend menu.

No, I did not eat my own foot. Close though.

Tried Jamie Oliver's pasta puttanesca recipe. About to try it in a few minutes. I'll come back with a review. Pasta rocks! I could eat pasta everyday really.