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Friday, April 18, 2008

Cool Stuff, Free Stuff, Food and Stuff: All The Right Stuff!

I love charity auctions, especially silent auctions. It's a fun game of shopping, gaming, strategy, and giving. I also love prizes, drawings, and surprises. Toss in some fantastic food, awesome wine, beauty buzz, high energy, and nice folks, and you have the event I attended Wednesday night.

Beauty, Bags & Bordeaux...A Girlfriend's Gathering was amazing fun and proceeds for this event supported the kiddos at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Center. I blogged about this celebration in March (click here to read all about it), and thanks to you, the event was a sold out affair. Put on by the friendly, ultra helpful and high energy Chambers Creek Orthopedic Guild, and hosted by Cascade Eye and Skin Centers in University Place, we were treated to a great night. Mom and I started with a glass of sparkling French wine and complimentary paraffin hand dips to make our hands silky soft. We perused pretty jewelry, glasses, and great products offered at the center and other local businesses (lots of little samples of the beauty products were dispersed which I adore!). We noshed on yummy food and desserts and sipped some terrific wines. We each bought little mini purses party favors and they had prizes in them. So for a small donation, you got great stuff. Mom and I were really lucky; I won a pretty watch and lip glosses and Mom got a moisturizer and a pretty designer scarf! The silent handbag auction offered something for everyone literally. It was great fun. I got a kitschy purse shaped like a boston terrier and a little sequined goldfish clutch (that my daughter prompted abducted). Mom won a couple of purses she just loved.

Aside from the retail therapy, we learned a lot about our skin and how to take care of it. The Cascade folks were really terrific and their facility is gorgeous. I also got to bump into a lot of folks I knew and it was fun chatting and catching up. All of this for the entry fee of thirty bucks. And the proceeds helped our South Sound kids. Now that you can't beat!

I'd like to thank everyone involved in this event. Your hard work paid off! And hey, just sign me up for next year too. I am ready!


Rachael said...

Dear Kim,

Thank you for coming to Beauty, Bags, and Bordeaux! We are thrilled that you had a great time. We did as well and made a lot of money for Mary Bridge.

Thank you for your outstanding coverage of community events!


Stephen said...

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Kim Thompson said...

Hey, Rachael:

Thank you my dear, for inviting ME! You are always give me great news and the inside scoop. Love ya!


Ooh, FREE. Ooh, STUFF. I'll check it out!


Lorraine Hart said...

Nice coverage Kim!

Hey...can I ask a question? Why do Americans refer to handbags as pocketbooks? Just curious where it might stem from.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Great post, Kim. If anyone has things they no longer need or a talent they'd like to share, Gig Harbor High School is having a schalorship auction next week. They need donators and bidders.

Lorraine, I do neither. I call them a purse. I think of a pocketbook as something far to small for me, something along the lines of a large wallet. Give me a substantial purse or handbag anytime. I don't see how men get along with a wallet...oh, that's right, they ask us to put their things in our purses!

Lorraine Hart said...

Men's clothing is designed so much better for the carrying of essentials. Men's pants have pockets that you can fit more than the tips of three fingers in and jackets with inner pockets for wallets. I fail miserably on the girly-girl test...would rather have hands free than tote bags (not that I don't FULLY support this wonderful event to raise money...peace and love to all my girly-girl sisters!) that are so easy to put down and forget.

Hmmmm...still looking for the reason handbags morphed to "pocketbooks"...and, is that word used more back east than here? Enquiring minds want to know, is it purse or pocketbook around Puget Sound?