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Sunday, April 6, 2008

ALF Senior Health Fair

Federal Way is a 'bedroom community' in more ways than one as it is home to nearly a dozen assisted living facilities (ALF).

Saturday afternoon was the Senior Health Fair at Foundation House, Federal Way in the spacious, graciousness of the cavernous lobby complemented by a massive yet elegant three-panel mural of a Phalaenopsis orchid, Yamaha grand piano, fireplace and hearth, and oval aquariums built into the wall separating the dining room from the lobby. Each participating exhibitor provided a gift item for a prize drawing. Some of the vendors/exhibitors at the Senior Health Fair included diabetic foot care and shoes for diabetics, health and dental insurance, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, urologist and prostate cancer specialist William M. Dean with an exhibit about the advances in treatment of prostate cancer with robotic technology (see my earlier post "Prostate cancer: then and now")

Lyn Coring, Director of Sales and Marketing for Foundation House, organized the event and ensured that every possible amenity was arranged in advance for the comfort and welcoming of participants whether exhibitors or visitors.
Butler Valet, Inc. provided valet parking service due to limited nearby parking. Two brothers started the valet business nearly 20 years ago. What a great service!

Everyone was treated to "A Taste of Foundation House" presented by the Culinary Services Department featuring finger foods beautifully arrayed and lovingly prepared. Every staff member seemed genuinely eager to be of service in any and every way possible. It underscores that ALF life can be nearly an idyllic atmosphere for our senior family members to spend their sunset years.

Foundation House ensured the convenience and comfort for all guests and visitors to the Senior Health Fair.

Rajiv Nagaich from AM770 KTTH was the host of a live broadcast from Foundation House as part of the promotion of the event, as well.

Cascade Regional Blood Services mobile unit was on site for blood donations during the event. Every unit of blood can save up to three lives. Find out how:

John Lee, Director of Washington State's Department of Veterans' Affairs, was the keynote speaker in a seminar on veterans' benefits held earlier in the day.


JosephMcG said...

Beautiful pictures... lots of very important information... I was speaking with a friend who soon must seek the support of her siblings in determing where they might provide a welcoming situation for her mother... the information provided here I think will help her and her sisters and brother to come up with a concrete plan...

Thank you

Stephanie Frieze said...

Finding safe appropriate living situations for our aging parents is occupation of many of us Baby Boomers. Thank you for covering this information that becomes more vital daily.