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Friday, April 18, 2008

Try the Rhythm of a Different Drum

Looking for a fun, moving experience that is free? Thursday nights at Ted Brown Music might be for you. From six thirty to eight PM there is an open drum circle upstairs at Ted Brown. Last week my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson went and had such a wonderful time that they insisted that I accompany them this week. We took along my younger son and granddaughter for good measure and had a wonderful time.

The Thursday night drum circle is very informal and the store provides the drums with everyone trading instruments from time to time. Children are very welcome and ours were not the only ones there. Instruments are provided for the wee ones, too, although they are welcome to beat on any drum there.

The sound of people drumming together is so primal, energizing and soothing all at once; a wonderful activity for old and young alike and a great alternative to whatever the boobtube has to offer. Come get with the beat (or not as my daughter-in-law says she can’t keep the beat, but has fun anyway) on Thursday night. Next week begins a little early at 6 PM as they will be having guest facilitator Arthur Hull. Ted Brown Music is located at 6228 Tacoma Mall Blvd.

1 comment:

Lorraine Hart said...

What a great idea...whoo-hoo for Ted Brown Music!! Thursday night is rehearsal night for me...but we'll hook-up through the rhythm in the ethers.

I often like to sit with my hand drum and play to the bay. Oooh it feels sooooo good!