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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Servin’ It Up, Tacoma Style—A Cook’s Tour Returns!

My friend Rachael is a doer. And a helper. She does and she helps, no questions; she just works hard, has fun, and grows her heart even bigger. She cares about her community passionately. So, when Rachael gives her rally cry, “…hey this is great, do this!” You listen.

Rachael gives me the inside scoop on some great fundraisers. And it’s not just your usual fundraising; it’s fresh, it’s real, it’s fun, and it’s all about Tacoma. And she’s at it again! Go Rachael go!

Junior League of Tacoma is going for the gusto in their fourth year of “A Cook’s Tour.” Think about this Tacoma lovers and patrons: you get a personal escort to five of Tacoma’s most beautiful homes, you meet local chefs extraordinaire and get the inside scoop on being a Tacoma foodie (and trust me, you can be a foodie in this town with great pride and fervor). Decorating tips and other secrets to being totally fabulous are all within grasp. The best part? Your dollars do good things in supporting the good works of the JLT, with proceeds going to the JLT literacy programs -- Adopt A School, the Family Lecture Series partnering with the Tacoma Public Library and numerous one day projects to support the literacy of children in our community.

For fifty bucks, you aren’t driving, (shuttles deliver you and yours from Annie Wright School at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM); so you can kick back, be a lookie-loo, ask questions, and dream out loud. Hey, sounds good to me! (Plus, I’ll let you in on a secret: I am volunteering as docent this weekend in one of the MAGNIFICENT homes for the Tacoma Historic Homes Tour—this house is ALSO going to be part of the Cook’s Tour. Ooo La La! Folks, you are going to LOVE this. I’ve decided I’d just live in the kitchen. Seriously. It’s that incredible)!

Tickets are limited and because this event happens soon on May 10th (Mom’s Day alert! Mom’s day alert!), get on it and get your tickets today. Call 383-1030 or visit to do your thing.



Patty Cake said...

Thank you for highlighting the Historic Homes of Tacoma Tour, kim! You are a terrific girlfriend! the Cook's Tour sounds fun as well!

JosephMcG said...

My tongue is watering... great seeing folks do good things for other folks... Joseph

Kim Thompson said...

Hi Patty: It is my pleasure to highlight the tour, too. You know, we are so lucky here in town to be able to have such a cool variety of events that help others to boot!

Hi Joseph: Thanks for your sweet note. Isn't that photo great? It was taken by Rachael's husband, Jess.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Yummmm. I hope you follow up with pictures.

Stephanie Frieze said...

House pictures, too!

Kim Thompson said...


I will be doing the historic homes tour, but am way up in the air on the Cook's Tour (it's my husband's birthday, his sister's birthday, and all the mother's day rounds, and well, it get complex). However, I know my friends Rachael and Jess will have pics that I can follow-up with and I will tell you they will be amazing.


Rachael said...


Thank you for the very kind words. The Junior League of Tacoma and the whole Cook's Tour is really excited for our big event. The houses and kitchens are amazing and our chefs are nothing short of incredible LOCAL chefs doing what they do best. And the decorating will all be done by LOCAL's going to be GREAT!!!

Thank you again!