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Monday, April 14, 2008

Purple Haze, Sunny Days: Go HERE!

I love little discoveries, especially when I travel. So I was particularly delighted to recently find a sweet smelling treasure on the Key Peninsula. Fairview Acres Lavender Farm and Country Store located in Lakebay, Washington specialize in all things lavender: the plants themselves, culinary goods, beauty supplies, and household wonders. They also sell herbs and perennials, other fun gift shop items, knitting and spinning supplies, and even pretty, old fashioned spinning wheels!

Kind, delightful, family-oriented, and knowledgeable owners, Ron and Coni Chaney, have been working their beautiful farm for 15 years. Nearly 20 acres of GORGEOUS farmland are peppered with lush lavender plants, pretty herbs, perennial, and vegetable gardens, a green house, a tidy and lovingly put together country store and home, horse stables and barns, wide expanses of green grass, a small vineyard (they partner with their friends at Trillium Creek Winery, another Key Peninsula must see), and a glorious view of the water. The farm had horses (including miniatures), steer, and a large gaggle of geese.

Inside the country store was wonderful in just the lavender smell alone. Dried lavender bunches hung ornamentally from the ceiling and the lavender sachets were flowing from baskets and bins. I was intrigued by the culinary delights, all organic and infused with lavender. I saw syrups, jams, jellies, honey, teas, vinegars, sugars, and even lavender pepper! However, what caught my eye were the homemade beauty products. I purchased lavender soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, and a room and linen spray to try. With great prices and a variety of goods available, you can’t help but walk away with fun gifts for others and/or little treats just for you. I am not a knitter or spinner, but for those that are, you’d be in absolute heaven at the assortment of supplies.

When I returned home from my weekend trip, I tried all of my products. I was impressed. The room and linen spray got absolute RAVES from other family members and the beauty products not only smelled terrific, but they were gentle, fresh, and worked well.

For more information on the farm, their products, address, and hours, please visit their website by clicking here or visiting To note, if you can’t make it to the farm, you can order from them online at their online store. As far as driving directions, if you are a first time visitor, I’d recommend plugging in their physical address (noted on the website) into Google Maps and Mapquest.

Kim Thompson, Gritty City Woman Local Traveler


Stephanie Frieze said...

Kim, this is exactly the kind of exploration that we love! I am excited to find a weekend when I am not otherwise employed and poke around the Peninsula. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with the Neighborhood.

JosephMcG said...

I am feeling relaxed and deeply moved by sweet smelling post. Ahhhhh!

VW said...

My wife and I discovered the Lavender fields of Sequim several years back. She just loves Lavender and we love to occasionally visit down there to enjoy the Lavender and the various products derived from it.


Stephanie Frieze said...

If your wife loves lavender, VW, and you're up to a bit of a drive, down in Oregon they have a huge lavender festival in July featuring thirty farms. I intend to check out that one this year. In the meantime we're going to the one almost in our backyard. Thanks again, Kim.

Kim Thompson said...

Hello all!

Stephanie, enjoy checking this place out! Thanks also for the Oregon tip--that sounds wonderful.

Hi Joseph: One of the key properties is lavender is to make one feel restful and relaxed. So, you are right on the money.

VW: Great to hear from you. You should have your wife check out the website for Fairview Acres. If she loves lavender products, I think she'll have a lot of fun looking at this!


Lorraine Hart said...

It makes me friends can point out treasures you never knew were right in your own backyard! Anna and I are definitely going to check it out, ASAP! Thanks Kim!

Bring your magic Blog Squad Bus, filled with Grit City Blogonias, for a May day-tour...and we can finish with a garden party picnic at the Aerie.

I'd also really like to check out some of the gardens in Mizu's neighbourhood...and Rosedale Gardens in Gig Harbor has some great little trails to walk.

So many beautiful spots in and around the Sound...whoo-hoo!

Stephanie Frieze said...

What a lovely offer, Lorraine! I can think of no better place or company to celebrate May Day!

Kim Thompson said...

The best part about spring? Making plans. Thinking about plans. Doing the plan! Yahoo!