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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let freedom ring: race, gender, and justice in America

Race, Gender and Justice in America: How powerful corporate interests use race and gender politics to undermine democracy and justice in America today.

Professor Lani Guinier came to public attention in 1993 when President Clinton nominated her to be the first black woman to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. She had served in the Civil Rights Division during the Carter Administration. Immediately after her name was put forward in 1993, conservatives virulently attacked Guinier's views on democracy and voting, and her nomination was withdrawn without a confirmation hearing. That experience led Guinier to use her subsequent public platform to speak out on issues of race, gender and democratic decision-making and to call for candid public discourse on these issues. She is one of the nation's most sought after speakers on these subjects. Awards to be presented include: WSTLA Judge of the Year, Excellence in Journalism, and Public Justice Awards.

WSTLA Judge of the Year Award: The Honorable Rosanne Buckner, Pierce County Superior Court Public Justice Award: William D. Marler

The Public Justice award is presented annually to an "individual whose efforts, courage, litigation or innovative work results in the creation of a more just society." Over the past decade, Bill Marler has become a national leader seeking systemic changes to improve food safety in the US and around the world. His efforts have included educating consumers and lobbying for federal and state laws as well as regulations to improve food safety. As part of his efforts, Bill has challenged some of the largest corporate agricultural corporations as well as the US Dept. of Agriculture, the US Food and Drug Administration to prevent contamination of our food supply via E. coli, hepatitis A, and mad cow decease.

Excellence in Journalism Award: CNN Producer Kathleen Johnston and reporter Drew Griffin

In 2007, this intrepid CNN team took on the insurance industry in two investigative stories that revealed how insurance companies fight paying billions of dollars in claims. In October 2007, Johnston and Griffin came to Washington to examine our state's fight to make insurance companies play fair, and the effect Referendum 67 and the Insurance Fair Conduct Act could have nationally. Their story brought the issue of insurance accountability to the mainstream and revealed the plight of many insurance customers in Washington and around the country.

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