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Saturday, April 5, 2008


This ten minute You Tube Film on people working together in Israel to help their children learn how to share their languages and cultures with one another as an essential part of their education moved me to ask myself and all of us three questions-- what did you feel and think when you watched the film;

This picture focuses on children from different races singing hymns in church together

Would you name for us a group that has a similar goal in this country (bringing children from different racial/cultural groups together to share their languages and cultures)

Two concerns about this...
Do not focus on institutions where a small group of children from one race/culture come into an institution where the majority are from a different culture... that type of institution has good strengths... it may be a very good step to helping many of us become economically self-sufficient, but that is not the focus of the question I am asking

Is learning about the languages and cultures of each group of children an essential focus of their education... I know that each one of us needs to learn how to read, write, think logically and scientifically, and how to function in collaborative ways with one another if we are to live together; I am asking for information about educational/social/religious institutions where adults and children come together to learn about each other's language and culture in a serious, ongoing fashion

what are we to do what are we to do what are we to do what are we to do

This ten minute video and many more like it can be found on


Lorraine Hart said...

I remember seeing a piece on some newsmagazine show (years back, in NY) about a summer camp in New England that brought children together from the Israeli/Palestinian divide. It did wonderful work.

In my own "Queen Solomon" fantasy, I would have everyone exchange children for a while.

JosephMcG said...

What changes would you like to see the exchangers experience...
1. recall and understanding of the challenges that faced them as children, teenagers, young adults

2. deepening awareness of their preciousness

3. skills in communicating feelings, needs; and sensitivity to others' feelings and needs

4. acceptance of their own aging and dying

Any changes, additions
Joseph McG

Lorraine Hart said...

The idea in my head was that, if the safety, nurturing and love of your child, living with your supposed enemy, depended on the safety, nurturing and love you gave your enemy's child...that would be the initial impetus to care for the baby. It's in our nature to bond when a new wee one comes into the family. Perhaps this would be a chance to reach the epiphany, when looking at innocence so close to the source of all of us, that we are indeed our brothers and sisters keepers. Precious...yes.

Fanciful dream...yes. A dream that we could look into each other's eyes...and see there both ourselves...and the Love from which we all process and return to.

Shannon said...

There was a time when Irish kids from the North and South came to camps in the US for time together. And isn't there still a place called Corrymeela that does that work?

Lorraine Hart said...

Hi Shannon! I looked up the Corrymeela Community on Wikipedia...wonderful work!

Kids are verdant fields.