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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming to the end of poetry month:

Can you believe April is winding-down already? I've spent a lot of my spare moments, this month, writing poetry. A big thanks to Kim for sending me a link to an April "Poem A Day" challenge at the end of March. It's been hair-pulling, squeaking an entry in when most sane people are sleeping marathon...but it's also been a creative joy, especially on those stay-inside days. I thought I'd share this one, prompted by the order to write a poem on an inanimate object. There's still a day and a-half left to Poetry Month...feel free to create in the comments!

The Vase

Ancient samurai of a vase
though this incarnation was
thrown, shaped and baked
just few short years ago,
broad, squat, misshapen warrior
robed for battle in pewter scales,
banded in brown at shoulder and hips
like the leather of belts and sheath,
it was to be broken for the crime of leaning
but, instead, came home with me,
the old soldier to his honourable place
by the door of my inner sanctum,
pushing back at the bookcase as if
guarding all the knowledge within.


Kim Thompson said...


Bravo on the ultimate poetry challenge. This piece is wonderful.

I ain't a poet and don't I know it! Ha, ha, ha! Poetry isn't my gift, but I appreciate it always.

Readers, bloggers, let's see that creativity flow!


JosephMcG said...

loved the picture... loved the poem... congratulations on proudly and persistently producing precious poetry...


Kim Thompson said...

Joseph, would LOVE to see a poem from you, too!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Wonderful poem (as always), Lorraine and interesting vase. Are they BOTH yours? The vase looks very organic and reminds me of sort of sea creature.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Obviously I watched too many film clips of anthropods in biology today!

Lorraine Hart said...

Merci mes amies! Yes both vase and poem are mine...the vase made by a friend...and yes Stephanie...step away from the microscope! :)

I could hear all those P's pop a hillside of scotch broom in August!

You know what was amazing? Over a period of thirty days, you could start recognizing poets without seeing their names at the bottom. It too became a community of creative and honest words.