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Friday, March 28, 2008

Show Me Your Stuff: Kim's Love Fest And Tour

When I was a kid, my mom told that I "flit" like a fly--constantly moving around, looking, and doing. Nothing has changed. I am an observer and I love to look at people's stuff. To me, the stuff is the life story and the life's blood of the owner; I find nothing more intriguing.

Recently, I got the chance to visit the homes of two dear friends (Patty and Lorraine), bloggettes extraordinaire right here in this neighborhood. What a treat!

Patty lives in my neighborhood quite literally. I can walk to her house in less then five minutes, and by car, one minute. We did not know this connection right away. When we found out, we couldn't believe it. Patty has to drive by my house everyday (multiple times) to get to and from her house. She honks when she drives by and I wave to her and her family while I am out walking or running in the neighborhood.

I got to visit Patty's home and it's as fun and charming as she is. She loves birds (I do too!) and the house has decor that reflects this. She's got an amazing collection of dolls (some of which I had as a kid, too, which brought back great memories). Family pictures abound on the walls and table tops and I can tell that she's very proud of her family. I liked the soft pretty colors and the way the light come into the windows, so bright and airy. It was very comfortable indeed!

And speaking of comfortable, I surprised Lorraine with a spontaneous visit out in her neck of the woods on the Key Peninsula. My folks are in the process of moving out there and my kids and I were visiting the area Easter weekend. Lorraine graciously welcomed our happy crew (Mom, I, and the kids) to her home in Home, Washington. I've been excited to visit The Aerie, as Lorraine so lovingly writes about it. So, when Lorraine tells you what a beautiful place she lives in, believe her.

The Aerie has a glorious view of Joe's Bay and a bald eagle soared overhead. Beautiful bright-hued hummingbirds (one was red and yellow, the other green and fuschia) happily buzzed close by us to enjoy the hummingbird feeder. Pretty spring flowers and hidden garden surprises, like fresh herbs and abundant dormant flowering plants (just waiting to get their chance to burst forth later in the spring and summer) were throughout. However, the most interesting feature of the garden, was the labyrinth, an intricate maze. Lorraine told the kids and I to use the labyrinth to "walk a thought." We got our thoughts in place and started walking in the spring sunshine. My cell phone rang and then I got goofed up in the maze, so my kiddos kicked me out ("Mom, you're not doing it right--you need to leave"). They enjoyed walking their thoughts and exploring. Inside the house, all of the windows are oriented towards the amazing bay view. I liked the organic feel of the inside of the house--it felt like the outside environment was a natural extension of the inside and vice versa.

Thanks ladies for inviting me into your homes and lives.

Readers, Bloggers, what does your house say about you? What homes stand out in your mind that you've visited?


Lorraine Hart said...

You're more than welcome BKB, and a delightful guest. Forgive me for my fun with the next post!

My bass-player, arranger and recording partner, Tom, lives just across the street. He built the house with his own two hands and has the very first car he ever owned in the garage ('41 Plymouth) and various work projects on the ground floor. Upstairs is the music room/studio which, to me, is a little slice of Heaven, close enough to run to! Forget decor, give me an audio set-up that works like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and I'm happy to visit often.

You know, my very first visit to the United States was also the first time I ever encountered a sofa in someone's living room, totally encased in plastic. It really confused my ten year-old brain, especially since I had to sleep on Detroit's summer heat.

Stephanie Frieze said...

My home is filled with family pictures--no surprise there--along with art made by my father and children including a life size statue of my oldest son made by his art class his senior year at Gig Harbor High School. He sat in a chair and let them cover him in paster of Paris and then cut him out the back. I had to whine a lot of years and have art teacher Teres Milar retire to get that.

Once a friend walked around my living room looking at everything and observed, "You could charge admission to see all this stuff." I don't think anyone but our family is interested in our junk, but having heirlooms, pictures and treasures around me is what comforts me.

My daughter-in-law, who shares our space with us, my son and grandson, declares all of us Goodwill chic. Works for me.

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. Sorry you had to sleep on plastic, Lorraine. Stephanie, I'd love to browse at your pics--what's the admission price?

My house attempts to be tidy; it's good enough. My favorite room is the living room because I always have it clean and it has my fave treasures that tell my story. I like bold colors (you'll see red in a good way here). I adore my Samoan tiki statue that guards our front door, my tribal masks from Hawaii and Costa Rica, my banana leaf and ti leaf art from Hawaii, my bronze owl, my framed print of watercolor version of Commencement Bay (right at the Point Defiance boat launch), my husband's gorgeous photo of Mount Rainier, my Hawaiian map, my Emily Carr cedar tree print, my JP Patches doll and Elvis statuette in the china cabinet--ah, my treasures. They don't match, but I don't care. Love 'em all the same!

Lorraine Hart said...

Stephanie, I can't wait to come for tea at your house! Do you bring the life-size statue of your son up to the tea table?

Like you, our furniture is thrift store and garage-sale chic, except for the pieces that came from my husband's grandmother. Her rocking chair has a slight sound sometimes, like Gram was humming.

Kim, your place sounds lovely too. I bet red warms you up through the winters.

Anyone else collect miniature things in shadow boxes?

EmeraldPrincessOnline said...

Kim's description of The Aerie reminds me of the chorus in Almost Paradise (from the Footloose soundtrack)...

Almost paradise!
We're knocking on Heaven's door.
Almost paradise!
How could we ask for more?

I swear that I can see forever...

Lorraine is blessed to reside in The Aerie and we are doubly-blessed to count Lorraine among our "Neighbors" here, vicariously, on the blog.

Patty Cake said...

Kim ~

Thank you for your kind compliments on my home! Gosh you are such a lovely, kind hearted lady and I am so glad we are friends! It really is Divine Intervention we are neighbors and RAM fans!

I am happy to have you over anytime!


Kim Thompson said...

Fellow Rammette:

You're sweet. I'd love to come over and hang out and you of course are welcome any time over at U.P.'s place of aloha!