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Friday, March 28, 2008

Attention Cootie Carriers! Stay away.

Tonight I received a phone call from my mother-in-law. She wanted me to make time for her to visit. Unfortunately for her....

....there's a waiting period.

My MIL's household of six has been sick since shortly after Chloe's birth. They have been passing around a terrible bug that nearly sent a not even two year old to the hospital for IV's. The flu. Right before Easter Chloe's doctor insisted I didn't let her near them. She told me it could cost us a lot of trouble for the baby. So we listened. After Easter the in-laws continued to spread their bug around their home and into my Sister-in-Laws home. My husband and I came to an agreement. I wanted to give them time after everyone was better before they could see our kids. He decided he wanted them to stay away for at least two weeks. He also doesn't want to get sick. This didn't sit well with my MIL. A few hours after speaking to me she called my husband. Now he's a sucker. She offered to bring a doctors note. He laughed and informed her that he just doesn't want to chance it. I'm so proud of him. He'd normally cave, but he really doesn't want to get sick. I do agree with her on one thing, "At least she has beautiful pictures to look at.”

I am curious. I know we are a pretty stubborn household. Maybe more so than others, but what kind of cootie steps do you take?



Lorraine Hart said...

You know, I only had my daughter home a couple of days before a very friendly-forceful neighbour (who had nine children) came walking into my house and plucked my baby from me. She smothered her in kisses...and then told me her whole house had been sick with the flu. Sure enough, I'll never forget the night I spent holding my poor wee bairn as she suffered, while I too, had my head in a bucket. You make those rules and stick to 'em!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Recently I needed to take my daughter-in-law to St. Joe's ER for an episode of tachycardia. We wound up sharing a room with a delightful elderly couple from Gig Harbor--the husband had fallen and bruised his backside--and a fellow who was coughing, couldn't breathe, and was in pain with pneumonia. The word MRSA was being bandied about. For four hours we listened to him cough up mucus before a nurse put on a mask and took him away. Ana and I came home we left our shoes outside, stripped beside the washer, and took hot showers before my son was allowed to bring home my grandson. I advised the elderly couple to do the same.

You are well within your right to protect your familiy, especially a brand new baby! When our grandchildren were born, the children kept a bottle of hand sanitizer close at hand and made outsiders clean up before holding the baby. I use the ones provided at the grocery store everytime I go. There are some nasty bugs out there and having spent ten days in the hospital with pneumonia myself once, I am careful.

Lorraine Hart said...

I was taught that, when a new baby came into the house, people should wait for an invitation from the parents before coming to visit. It takes time for adjustments, for getting into a new family rhythm, and for the baby to gain some strength and immunities. This is a great opportunity to remind young mamas...that breast-feeding is the best way to give your sweet new bumbie immunities.

Isn't it crazy that the worst places to go for germs...are doctor's offices and hospitals!

JosephMcG said...

I did not go to the hospital to do chaplaincy work for two working days and I stayed away from other folks where I live (in community with men who teach) until I stopped sneezing.

Donna said...

My four year old insists on using hand sanitizer. I have to carry it and refill it often when we are out in public. I should mount a dispenser on my porch. I bet that would get a good laugh around here.