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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Cry For Me Argentina -- I've Got Asado's of Tacoma

I love excellent food and drink, particularly when great eats come right out of my hometown. And while I don’t eat out regularly, when I do, I love to support one of our fine culinary choices that make it worth every penny. One of my favorite places is Asado Restaurant on Tacoma’s eclectic and groovy 6th Avenue. Asado takes the flavors of Argentina and melds them together with Pacific Northwest foods. The restaurant with it’s sweet, smoky, mesquite smell, the warm and cozy dining area, great service, hoppin’ bar (but not in an obnoxious way and always active whenever I go there, not matter what day of the week), plus the fab, varied drinks that makes this place a winner in my book. My husband and I got the treat of couple time last week and we chose to dine out at Asado’s. As usual, they delivered.

We started out with a breaded shrimp appetizer with aioli for dipping (one mild and sweet and one with a kick) along with some roasted veggies. Both of us were salivating for some of Asado’s fine butternut squash soup that we had eaten on other visits. On the menu we saw “Butternut Puree” so we assumed that had to be soup. So when we requested the “Butternut Puree” BEFORE our entrée our lovely and kind server looked a bit puzzled but happily took our request. We were then served a pile of mashed butternut squash chunks. We couldn’t stop laughing at our ignorance and were too shy to tell our delightful server. I am sure she would have understood if we admitted our gaff. Of course, I like to blame the whole thing on my pre-dinner martini. Let’s leave it at that.

After our squash piles, and loads of laughter, we enjoyed delicious entrées (hubby had steak, prawns, and chorizo sausage with a side of purple Peruvian mashed potatoes) and I had delectably smoky flavorful king salmon with the same awesome purple potatoes. We felt “just right” full.

So, if you’re looking for a real treat, give longtime Asado’s a go. They are popular, so I recommend reservations. Valet service is available if parking is crowded on the avenue.

Enjoy! Even if it's a pile of squash, you'll love it.


Patty Cake said...

What a TERRIFIC experience, Kim
Asado now owes you a FREE dinner with you promoting thier restaurant so well!! I love the lentils they serve with their steak - YUM!

Kim Thompson said...

Oh, a free dinner! I'll take that in a heartbeat. I've never tried the lentils--sounds great though. I LOVE 6th Ave.--it's one of my favorite adopted 'hoods! Future review: Masa! Or perhaps we should do a joint review on that one, huh, Patty?

Stephanie Frieze said...

Great review and good information for us hick chicks from the sticks. ~Stephanie

Kim Thompson said...

Hick Chick:

Sorry, that label doesn't stick, y'all!

I am glad you liked the review. I LOVE writing about food. Ed Murrietta, need a helper? Or the oldest intern in the world? I'm your gal!

Foodie Kim