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Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Community Group Love Our Parks: Now You Can, Too: Join The Friends of Ferry Park!

I got an interesting e-mail today from a new community group comprised of neighbors who deeply care about our neighborhoods and community parks. They wish to carry on the legacy of legendary local philanthropist, park enthusiast, and Tacoma supporter, Clinton P. Ferry. Mr. Ferry loved the look, feel, and layout of European cities, particularly the way these cities had lots of little parks designed for everyone’s enjoyment and use. He wanted to bring that kind of urban design to our fine city. He also loved art and donated lots of pieces to Tacoma (including the famous ladies and the lions at Wright Park). In 1883, Mr. Clinton donated land to the city for its first urban park, Ferry Park located at South 14th St. between South Sheridan and South Cushman Streets. Ferry Park is getting some improvements through Metro Parks and from a bond passed back in 2005 (to find out specifics, please click here to visit Metro Parks or see the actual park signage at the park’s location).

So, what better location to improve neighborhoods, enhance the community, and bring neighbors together than with Ferry Park enhancements? That’s exactly what The Friends of Ferry Park organization wish to do. This group’s enthusiasm is positively contagious. They want to go above and beyond for this park and this neighborhood. In conversing with the group today, the rally cry reads something like this: We want color! Art! Culture! History! Community Building! All fine ideas indeed, wouldn’t you agree?

Interested South Sound residents? Here are some statements directly from the group and how you can be a part of it.

“The bond passed in 2005. The improvements are coming. Do you care about your local park? If you have a concern, suggestion or dream, please let yourself be heard! A new group is in town, Friends of Ferry Park. Our group wants to help motivate improvements in your neighborhood, starting with Ferry Park, the city’s first and oldest park. This park was donated by Clinton P. Ferry in 1883 to the city. Ferry hoped to spark a trend of pocket parks in every neighborhood, something he believed in deeply, and we do too. So what do you say? Do you want to take part in a new movement to improve your park and your neighborhood? If so, come to our discussion this next Monday, March 31st, at the Fulcrum Gallery, 1308 MLK Jr. Way at 7pm. Questions or comments? Write”

Thank you Friends of Ferry Park for contacting me. You made this Tacoma lover’s day!


Stephanie Frieze said...

Parks, for urban areas as well as rurual, offer outdoor living spaces for citizens and not only ought to be preserved, but increased in number where possible. Some of the sweetest parks I've been in are little gems hidden away where one can commune with nature. Thank you, Kim, for reminding us of the importance of parks and their history in the South Sound.

Kim Thompson said...

You're welcome, Stephanie. It was really cool to get the e-mail from this group asking for help getting this on the blog. I think it's a great opportunity for citizens to be active in beautify the community. Green spaces are critical to our survival, I believe!