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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26th is my Favorite Day!

Today was a great day! As I write this, it's late at night and I would imagine most of Tacoma is getting ready for bed. Before I go to sleep I want to tell you March 26th is my favorite day of the whole year!

Can you guess why, Tacoma?


EmeraldPrincessOnline said...

Let me guess...

Are you the Birthday Girl?

If so, Happy, Happy Birthday!

Or...if you're not the Birthday this a noteworthy day, because you landed the job of your dreams and got hired or started working today?

Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!!!

EmeraldPrincessOnline said...

No! Wait... Let me guess again, pretty please?

March 26th is your favorite day of the year, because it means that it is exactly nine months until the day after Christmas and you will be so relieved when the holiday season is history for another year.

Let the countdown begin!

Patty Cake said...

You are right! March 26th is my birthday! Thank you for the birthday greeting

Lorraine Hart said...

Many happy returns of the day Patty!

I blow you a belated kiss.

JosephMcG said...

Happy Birthday, Patty

Kim Thompson said...

Happy Belated Birthday, friend! I am glad you were born, glad you are my friend, and literally my neighbor!

M. Sugimura said...

Patty -

Belated birthday wishes Patty! Hope it was a very good one! If you're inclined to do so, check out my personal blog (see last post on photo exhibit at Washington State History museum) and entry for March 21-22 (posted it so late/early I'm in a fog)... In that regard, I was thinking about sharing it with you and had your face recently in my mind. :) Best wishes as well!

Stephanie Frieze said...

A belated Happy Birthday from me, Patty. I hope you were the birthday queen and manage to continue as such for at least a week!