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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Promoting The City of Destiny

Last night Former City Councilman Thomas Stenger gave a presentation to a large crowd at a Tacoma Historical Society meeting. Thomas spoke about one of Tacoma’s early day promoters: Allen C. Mason. During the late 1800’s Mason was such a strong promoter of Tacoma he spent thousands of dollars each month advertising in newspapers across the country attracting people to our great city. What would Tacoma be like today if we had a similar promoter who loved Tacoma and gave their own money to promote it? Oh the marketing ideas I have for this!

Presently Joe Quilici is raising funds to erect a statue of Allen C. Mason to honor this exceptional believer in Tacoma. This statue will be placed in front of the Wheelock Public Library on the corner of North 26th and Adams Street. For more information view:

Tacoma Historical Society is also supporting the creation of a new “Goddess of Commerce” statue to replace the former statue which reined at the top of the Chamber of Commerce building. Babe Lehrer retired owner of Lyons Apparel is working on raising dollars to have the 7' 4" Goddess recreated and placed on the lawn in front of the Carlton Building in downtown Tacoma. The sculptor is Marilyn Mahoney.

If you too love Tacoma why not make a donation and help honor our pioneer Allen C. Mason who made Tacoma the great city we know and love? And honor a statue to rein over our great city. Donations can be made to the Tacoma Historical Society at


Kim Thompson said...

Great post, Patty.

Isn't it interesting how looking back we can find solutions for today and the marketing of our fine city?

Mr. Mason did Tacoma a great service back in his day. Gritty Tacomans have those same opportunities today, don't they?


JosephMcG said...

Ok, Patti: thanks for keeping us up on Tacoma history... when we know where we have come from we know where we are going