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Sunday, March 9, 2008

About Last Night

Last night a few of us 'branded' (ouch!) In Your Neighbourhood blogonias had ourselves a dinner party, warmly hosted by Oneal, at Orton Hall. Though I've had lots of in-depth conversations with him, this was the first time we met in person. He came to the door and enveloped me in a hug that was the final adoption-signing of becoming family. Upstairs in the living room of this comfortable Jesuit Residence, Mizu, Kim and Patty were already sipping sodas and enjoying the spectacular view of the mountain through an entire wall of windows.

We slipped into conversation as comfortably as we slipped into the couches and chairs, talking about our backgrounds, our ideas and hopes for the Blog, and how to get better at writing our posts. Mizu brought along Mark Briggs' book and has kindly lent it to me. (Sorry Mark, a woman in Nairobi who is trying to keep children safe won out and got my $10 of disposable income this month.)

The mountain disappeared in the dark as we were invited to the table for some wine, and to break bread (well eggrolls) with scads of Chinese take-out. Laughter was the sixth companion, balancing us as the stories became more personal. There is something so ceremonial about gathering at the meal table, sharing what fills us and allowing our vulnerability within the support and relaxation of the collective.

Oneal draped a dishcloth over his arm to open and pour the wine with flourish. So delightful!

Here's Mizu at the table, whose name aptly means, water, fluid and strong.

This is the face Kim made after her fortune cookie spoke to her personally. It's also the face she made upon hearing some of the things they don't tell you about, concerning the warranty of body parts after age fifty! Patty was amused. Oh girlfriends, you have no idea!

The evening was a treasure for me. Being a 24/7 caregiver means I often have to cancel plans at the last minute and it's been a while since I've enjoyed sitting around the table with friends. I thought, when I first signed-up for this blog, that I was giving myself another writing outlet. That was enough incentive for me...but the medium and the gift has become so much more.

We have come to the table to fill ourselves and each other. At this table, I have found writers and South Sound neighbours who want to make movement in the world. I have found friends and comrades-in-arms who, in the everyday, work our communities and the corner of the world that reaches in for anyone's touch.

Here's to our host of the evening, who also waited with me for a Triple-A jumpstart. Seems I left the headlights on. Thank you so much, Oneal! You're a Grit City pearl.


Kim Thompson said...

The group's "baby" doth protest!

I thought you guys voted me to do the write up! Whine, whine!

Ha, ha, ha! I'm kidding.

Blogsquad, what a night! Fun! I learned much, laughed much, relaxed much....

I smell a writer's group. I sense more regular get-togethers!

Kim "Baby" Thompson

Lorraine Hart said...

I know, I know...I just got inspired when I saw the pics...and thought you got hit with the ricochet bullet....

You can't fool me baby...there's an old soul walking in you...and I'd smack the caboodle outta anyone calling me baby! You are a woman in your prime...and I'll call you darlin'.

I did get a really gorjuss pic of you in the chair...but I didn't put that one up...BWAHAHAHA! Signed Ol' Mama Grey

M. Sugimura said...

Great job with the story & pictures Lorraine. Unfortunately, it looks like we didn't make sure that we got a photograph of you for the record.

The next time we get together and post pictures on the blog, we'll have to make certain you get double exposure (so to speak) to make up for last night's inadvertent omission.

Yeah Lorraine! Yeah Blog Squad.

Kim Thompson said...

Hi gals:

You are sweet Lorraine. You see, "Baby" is my kung-fu fightin,' crime stoppin' ironic Blog Squad nickname.

And I like the picture you choose! I am typically dumbfounded over many things, so it's rather accurate.

Great post.

JosephMcG said...

I met some intelligent, sincere, and gifted people last evening. I feel better about being a Grit City citizen today than I did Friday evening.
Why? Because I feel understood and accepted...
So, with the Blog Squad's support, I'm going to get on with being a
Drum Major For Justice... (check out MLK's sermon, The Drum Major)
Joseph (aka Oneal)

Lorraine Hart said...

Okay BKB...Baby Kick Butt...just call me Big Mama Mayhem as we fight for truth, justice and the Neighbourhood Way!

How do we get into our outfits with no telephone booths? :o

Pretty clever of me to stay behind the camera, eh Mizu?!

JosephMcG said...

Lorraine: I knew you were working us... getting us in front of the camera and keeping yourself out of the glow light that just radiates off of you...
Be aware, that will not work next time