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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Humanity - Tacoma!

Looking for a job is not easy. Sending out cover letters, resumes, going on interviews and waiting to hear back from employers - it can all be so daunting. In our current day of “everything online” I believe we have gotten away from the human aspect of hiring people. Often times when one applies for a job online you never hear back from the companies to which you have applied. Why is that? Is it so difficult to send a response by email? They have your email address and often times we as the person looking for a job do not have any way of following up with you – the company! Often times the company remains anonymous to avoid numerous phone inquiries about the job. While I can understand this – it is also unnerving to apply for a position sending along a resume full of personal information to a company who we don’t even know.

I ask this – Can we please get back to humanity? To talking with people instead of only reading only a resume? Can we meet people for coffee - when invited - in a casual atmosphere to get to know them? Can we respond via email when someone has sent an inquiry about your job announcement? After all you want to build relationships with people, correct? You want to hire a human, correct?


Kim Thompson said...


I think you have hit on the state of society that we are in currently. There's less and less of a human connection these days, which is so, so sad.


kinsmed said...

Shame on everyone who owns stock in corporations... and insists on cutting everything back to get one additional penny.

Patty Cake said...

Thank you Kim and Kinsmed ~

I agree - our society does not think of us as humans but as commodities! I wish I knew what else to do to get the attention of employers!

M. Sugimura said...

Patty -

You are quite right. For the purposes of simplicity and expediency, humans have been reduced to interchangable parts ("hands") and utilized as if one is no different as another say, in some far off country.

Decision making is based on this way of looking at the population. It's not surprising it shows up in hiring as well.

Is there anything we can do? Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

Best wishes on your search for a great new job! :)

What Kim said that about the whole situation being so sad, rings true.
It's sad because having rejected by omission the validity of people as being more than "hands", the perspective of the overall loss of human connection is not seen as well.