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Thursday, March 13, 2008

6th Ave. Eateries: Spotlight on Il Fiasco

Tacoma’s wonderful, walk able, and eclectic 6th Avenue business district and neighborhood elicits frequent and rave revues on its great restaurants. My husband and I recently revisited Il Fiasco Restaurant and Bar after a long absence for Italian food. Typically, our 6th Avenue dining experience means repeat visits to Asado, Masa, and Primo Grill. We adore these places clearly; however, for our recent wedding anniversary, we wanted to do something a little different, so we chose Il Fiasco, a place we liked, but tended to overlook. We were glad we made the visit.

After a martini pit stop and appetizer at Asado, we trekked over to Il Fiasco on Tuesday night. We were surprised by the changes in the interior—the bar was moved to the back of the main room of the restaurant and the décor and lighting seemed more lackluster, less warm than in the past. I remember the lighting, mood and artwork had a more romantic feel previously. However the changes were no matter. Our friendly server was delightful. The diverse menu was perfect in size; not too large and overwhelming, but not too limited either. My husband settled on a filet mignon and I went for the scallops and prawns. We kicked it off with terrific Caesar salads and accompanied our meal with yummy Zenato Ripassa. We both agreed that our Caesars were perfect—just the right size. My scallops and prawns had a lemon butter preparation with some jazzy rice and broccolini. The seafood was succulent and smooth. Rick’s steak was tender and lovely. We watched the main dining room fill with patrons as we enjoyed our meal and celebration. Birthday parties and family dinners abounded with happy laughter and a low key, relaxed, homey vibe.

Whenever my husband and I get a night out locally like this, we always marvel at the diversity of the fine dining scene. We eagerly follow the latest and greatest on the growing Tacoma culinary opportunities. Surely, we Gritizens don’t need to make the trek to Seattle to enjoy a great dining experience.

So, readers and bloggers: share your own fave local eateries and let’s talk food!


JosephMcG said...

The teriyaki restaurant in the Central Mall turns me on... food tasty, efficient cheerful service, low key, family oriented--- next to the One Heart Coffee House and the Mandolin Cafe---(my other favorite haunts) this wonderful restaurant is where I go to first.


T S said...

Happy Anniversary, Kim! An anniversary dinner at “Il Fiasco” suggests a couple with a sense of humor and taste. Both are helpful elements for a long term relationship.

We recently went to the Cheesecake Factory in Tukwila. The dinner was okay but the desserts were unbelievable!

Kim Thompson said...

Hi Oneal:

Yes, that teriyaki place is the bomb. You know I keep hearing raves about Mandolin Cafe--I need to get myself out there! Don't they have a writer's group that meets there?

Hey, ts:

Thanks for the note and kind words. Yes, we had a great celebration (13 years). My, does the time FLY!

I go to the Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue to visit old friends. The desserts; well, they are out of this world! I didn't realize that they had one in Tukwila. Lot closer for us South Sounders than Bellevue.

Signed, Kim who has NOT eaten lunch yet, growl, growl!

Kim Thompson said...

Oh P.S. Readers, sorry for the goofy font sizes on my post. Not sure what happened here!

JosephMcG said...

Mandolin is on wireless... often has live music, different groups meet there... but I don't know about a writers' group there...
Mandolin has a website... usually has a weekly events calendar... might be worth checking out...

Bellarmine rec room is also wireless (if the Blog Squad gets my drift)


Stephanie Frieze said...

Happy, Happy, lovely lady! Wonderful review that I will show to my husband who is always looking for places we are unfamiliar with.

Joseph, you're a peach and I hope the Blog Squad meets again soon.

EmeraldPrincessOnline said...

Since you love the Mandolin Cafe, you'll enjoy receiving the e-mail newsletter/calendar. It is sent with no strings attached. Here is the link to the page; all they need is your e-mail address and they'll keep you in the loop. (Copy & paste into your browser)

Patty Cake said...

Happy Anniversary Kim!

YES! I agree Tacoma has several new great restaurants to choose from! I love Famous Dave's food however; the atmosphere is TOO loud!

VW said...

My wife and I enjoy Joeseppi's and various Mexican restaurants. We have recently discovered El Jimador up on the other end of 6th Avenue west of Pearl. Their Mole enchiladas are wonderful.

We are within walking distance of Masa and the area around 6th and Pine (We live on South Pine between S. 12th and 6th Ave), We tried Masa after it first opened and we thought is OK. It was different, but we didn't think it lived up to the hype and price.

I love the Mandoline Cafe. I haven't frequented there much of late and now I'm 2600 miles away for the next several weeks, but I do enjoy the atmosphere, the coffee and the music.


Kim Thompson said...

Okay folks, I ate a half a PB&J sandwich for lunch. That's it! Now after reading your comments, I am really starving! Okay, next week I am going to Mandolin. Seems like it's really enjoyed.

VW I love your neighborhood. What an excellent place to live--very walkable.