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Friday, March 28, 2008

Loverly Guests: Follow-up to Kim's post...

It was my pleasure to welcome Kim with her mum and kids to the Aerie! Thankfully, we were given a wonderful sucker hole of sunshine for a tour around the garden. I just love how kids take to the invitation of "walking a thought," and I have to admit, it kept me laughing delightfully for days after...that they kicked Kim out of the labyrinth for taking a cell call!!

Yesterday I received a beautiful card in the mail (oh, yay and thank you!) with pics Kim's mum was kind enough to have made. didn't think I'd use them Kim? Have you never met my wicked twin sister? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Here's a game we'll call, "chase Mummy from the labyrinth."

One moral of this story could be, never trust Lorraine with photographic, let's go for a better one than that. The moral of this story is that a delightful drop-in visit by friends makes a magic all its own...and kids, "get it!" Y'all come back now, y'hear?


Kim Thompson said...

Oh we'll be back, most surely! Thanks!

I have no idea what my arms are doing in this picture. It's sort of like a rejoicing gesture or running from my kids. It looks cool though.

My son thoughts was all about trees and Erin's thoughts were all about hummingbirds. My thoughts were clearly jumbled as I got tossed out on my ear!

Lorraine Hart said...

Next time, we'll leave the cell-phone in a flowerpot up-top before you begin...and I'll hypnotize you!

(For those who would like to know more about Kim's thoughts on hypnotism and many other things...check out her "Gritty City Woman" Blog. Mizu also has a great blog called "LiquidMuse-NW" Yours truly has one called "Lorraine Hart of Jazz Musette")