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Monday, March 17, 2008


When I was nine years old, I spent many hours reflecting on one take on the Trinity. Supposedly Saint Patrick, in teaching about the Trinity (One God, Three Persons), would take a shamrock, point to its stem and the fact that it was one beautiful green plant with three leaves, would satisfy people's concerns as they tried to understand who this Christian God was.
I remeber that moment when my mind stopped puzzling and new energy flowed through my body as I said yes to that story and, for the moment, had my doubts about God quieted. Thanks, Saint Patrick.

And I shall always hold close to me in my heart Father Michael McHugh, Society of Jesus, who guided me and encouraged me from the time I was fourteen until he went to God four years ago.
Dr. Dorothy Donnelley, PHD, who taught me how to pray and still lovingly and
courageously challenges me to choose to be an honest and self accepting human being.
CD who loyally affirms me daily. Pattie M who sent me a card with this heart warming picture.

And, the comedian-singer, Dennis Day, who helped me to laugh my way through many Sunday evenings watching the Jack Benny Show.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all the people of Irish descent who daily choose to share their lives with their families, friends, and neighbors.


Kim Thompson said...

Happy St. Patty's day to you, too!

You know what I like best about you, is your sense of gratitude. It's lovely and you teach me everyday.

Lorraine Hart said...

I second that emotion!

Y' maiden name was McCorkle...come on over for a Guinness, O'Neal and O'Baby...Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Raise your glass
Whether to laugh or cry
And give good thanks
For the miles gone by
Bow your heads
For all that's been given
The smooth and the rough
In the life that we're livin'
Now clap your hands
For teachers and friends
And the timing with which
Creation sends


Stephanie Frieze said...

Oneal, you teach us so much not only about gratitude, but the evolution of spirit! ~Stephanie