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Monday, December 22, 2008

I Am Camera: Part III

I needed the walking stick...and to stay out of the tire tracks on the side streets. They were as slick as a fifties D.A. hairdo!

I see this as a very funky woman with dreads, a mini-dress and a deep burgundy feather boa. Perhaps I've been inside, wearing my pjayjays too long!

Don't think my neighbour is going to need that lawnmower for a while yet. I'm punishing my Satanic stationary bicycle in the same manner, on my back porch.

Medusa...and the snakes offer green apples.
Or, on a lighter side...apples make the prettiest, natural, Washington Christmas Ball decorations. You can click on the pix to see them larger, btw.

That's the Key Pen Hwy. down there...with a laughable little stop sign...was not going to try this hill. I still had to go down a pretty steep hill the other way I walked...but the worst that would happen would be rolling into the bay if I fell. Thankfully I did not fall at all...just had big plunks of snow land on my head.

Colour always catches my eye on Winter walks.

What is a Winter pictorial without a snowy gate and red barn. This, to me, is quintessential American...from New England to the Pacific Northwest.

I really enjoyed taking you with me on this walk through my neighbourhood. Thank you for indulging my play!


Stephanie Frieze said...

You missed your calling, Lorraine. You make your photographs sing! I wish I could get there to walk with you, but thanks for taking us for a walk with you in pictures and for reminding me about the walking stick Dave got me. I shall dig it out to walk the dog tonight.

Lorraine Hart said...

LOL...I've got 312 personalities...all with their own callings, it seems!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Do you think your neighbor's mower will work come Spring?

Lorraine Hart said...

Probably about as well as the Satanic stationary bike will!!

Stephanie Frieze said...

I keep coming back to your pictures, Lorraine. B Street just speaks so much peace. They all do, but the simplicity of the snow, road and trees just makes me sigh.

Lorraine Hart said...

Update on the lawnmower...apparently it hasn't been moved in six years! The owner is wondering if anyone is looking for a metal sculpture....

Stephanie Frieze said...

In Prescott, AZ we saw the of someone who'd apparently moved there from somewhere else. The front yard had red gravel and cacti and the lawn mower placed in the middle!