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Friday, December 19, 2008

Home In The Snow

It took my husband a long time to make it home from Tacoma yesterday and, very wisely, he stayed snug in bed this morning when he would normally be on the road. We've heard the skidding of tires through the s-bend of Home all morning. In my head I keep saying, "Gently...gently...," as if it could be a blessing whispered into drivers' ears.

I'm not as brave as I was in my younger, snowy days and I'm so very glad (thank you for your kind thoughts, Joseph) that my job as a caregiver is in my own home. The only ventures out today will be to take the pup for some play...and other "p" words I'll skip over!

Wonderful hubby has taken the pup for a good walk through the neighbourhood, as we speak. I tried yesterday but the back roads were snow on top of ice...on top of bodacious Home hills. I was not in a mood to test the bone-cement pills I've been on for two years! We came back to the yard and played frisbee instead. Imagine, if you will, Lorraine in forty-two layers and trying to both bend and throw. If you have a hard time with the vision, think of a little Pillsbury make her old, creaky and cranky!

Today I'm happy to watch the winter-wonderland from my home, my temple. There's plenty of tea and provisions, plenty of work within these warm walls, plenty of love in the Aerie above Joe's Bay.

Now tomorrow...we have a winter wedding to play for, in the Pagoda at Point Defiance. It will be time to remember my beast coast winter-driving mojo...



Kim Thompson said...

The view from The Aerie is winter spectacular! Is the dog trying to eat the snow?

Be careful treading into Tacoma!


Stephanie Frieze said...

Beautiful pictures, Lady Lorraine!

Yesterday as we held our collective breath and waited for Frank to make the trip from Clover Park to Gig Harbor I was telling Ana how I drove all over the place in a 1957 Chev in the snow on bald tires. I went anywhere that took my fancy. "I was fearless then," I said as I started upstairs and then turned to add, "and 16 and stupid!"

Wear your long johns and officiate quickly tomorrow, Lorraine. There's another storm coming tomorrow. If you can't make it home you can always break your journey at our house--if you can make it up the hill from Wollochet!

Mizu Sugimura said...

I can easily see a family of snow people having iced tea out on your deck, enjoying the view.

Lorraine Hart said...

Yes...the pup is trying to eat as much snow as she can...feels good on her teething gums.

You can measure how much more snow in the latest back deck picture I've posted this morning.

Ooh-la Stephanie...I remember driving through the Rockies in March...following a tiny line of sand in a snowstorm...with hardly any brakes in an old truck. I was tense enough to get cramps in my butt-cheeks!

The snow people are welcome to use the outside table Mizu...believe I'll enjoy my cuppa by the fire!

Very thankful that the gig was canceled and we didn't have to go anywhere...happily hibernating.