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Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting A Jump On My Resolution

It's my honour to invite you to a screening of the Lyme documentary "Under Our Skin," from Open Eye Pictures, to be held at Gig Harbor High School, Tuesday, January 13th. at 6:30pm. Following the movie, a panel consisting of a Lyme-literate MD, a Lyme-literate ND, an IV nurse and teacher, three chronic Lyme patients, and a full-time caregiver will be there to educate and answer questions.

Admission is free, though donations will be gladly accepted and sent to Open Eye Pictures for the Turn The Corner Foundation. Limited copies of the DVD will be available for sale at the screening.

Our beloved friend Leslie Wermers was going to try and come out here to be on the panel but, as I wrote here at the beginning of November, she succumbed to Lyme disease. I have the little angel pin her sister Tracie sent right next to me, here at my desk.

I'd like to let Leslie speak...from an interview done with Andy Abrahams Wilson during the shooting of the movie. Leslie drove four hours to be at this memorial in Iowa and speak to Andy, despite being so ill with Lyme disease. Please take the time to listen. Please join us, Tuesday, Jan. 13th. at Gig Harbor High School.

I'm tryin' Les...I'm tryin'.


Stephanie Frieze said...

It is so exciting that we are finally getting a screening of this important film in Pierce County. Gig Harbor is fortunate to have this opportunity.

Kim Thompson said...

I'm in.

Mizu Sugimura said...

This footage alone (that you posted) is tremendous! She was a very articulate and eloquent young lady as well whose words now captured forever on film, continue to live on.

Lorraine Hart said...

We really have a chance in Washington, to get ahead of the curve with Lyme disease, if we can educate our doctors on the latest research...instead of the old misinformation that has been allowed to stand...for business' sake.

We want community leaders and the medical community to come and ask questions after the movie. This climate and ignorance could combine to make the perfect storm for tick-borne infections. We're out to save you and your family from the long, difficult journey my family is enduring.

As they don't find the cause...the cause finds you.

JosephMcG said...

What a wonderful post... Leslie's words held my attention... beautiful, wonderful person that she is...

Lorraine Hart said...

This screening will be dedicated in her memory, as have many other screenings throughout North America.