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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Local Students Write Love Letters to Their South Sound Hometowns: Lakewood

  Readers and South Sounders: Tacoma School of the Arts Humanities students are participating in writing "love letters" to their hometowns. The writing exercise combines creativity, editing, and getting the letters published. Join me in celebrating these students and their wonderful letters in the upcoming letter series featured on the In Your Neighborhood blog. Read on and enjoy! 

Dear Lakewood,
       You are not where I was born and you are not where I will die.
 Though I am with you for now, I don't know how long it will last.
 One day, if I am gone and you  wonder where I went,
 just remember all of our memories and the time we have spent together.
 You hosted all my childhood adventures and supplied plenty of rain.
 Although most find you gloomy, and your bipolar weather drives them
 insane, I thank you for reminding me of home. You stink far less than
 your neighbor Tacoma! So thank you for understanding why I can't
 keep living in your streets which lose all pleasantries at night.
 You fueled my imagination and I imagine you will know,
 when I miss my true home too much and finally decide to go.
~Billy Robison, student
Tacoma  School of the Arts

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